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This movie was 80% inspired from Adam Phillip's Brackenwood, SO please do not mention this in your (if wrote any) review.

I had a little but a great help from MusicalRocky, who composed & applied a background music for this one. Anyway, this one is made for a local contest which open for Malaysian only. SO, I had a little help from Josiah Brooks (JAZZA) to convert the swf. into DVD format for the contest entry.

So, here's a shout out to the JAZZA man! Voice talent by Heath Bellemore (StillBeatingPictures); thanks man! Last of all, thank you for reading this longest comment by me, and enjoy the movie!

P.S: Please leave a REASONABLE vote & Compliment/Constructive Criticsm for my effort. Thank you

Movie Keyword: Wander, Creature, Forest, Ambience, Peace, Human, Explore, Naive, Musical

Author Keyword: Haizeel, Muslim, Islam, Melayu, Malay, Malaysian, Malaysia, Allah, Asia

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Nice graphics...

Nice Graphics, however when his foot steps into the trap it seems a bit weird. Story wise it's not very original, as was mentioned in the "Author Comments", but the work put into the animation and backgrounds is obvious!

I am curious as to how you scored in the contest! ;-)

akoRn responds:

LOL thx


liked it very much, loved the backgrounds and story.

akoRn responds:

Hey thanks for the review.
I worked pretty hard on the BG, so thx for complimenting it & make the hardship worth it.

Not bad

The animating was pretty well done, although the characters looked stiff jointed. Maybe work on that.

Other than that, the story and idea seemed a LOT like brackenwood, and it wasnt really anything original or gripping.

Still, it wasnt bad, i enjoyed it.

akoRn responds:

Thanks man


loved it but no story and I feel I've seen a better looking video like this before with a a guy with a furry face.....

akoRn responds:

I guess u meant Brackenwood. I did mention this in my comment.
Thanks for the review.


Nice clip. Not alot of story but yeah.

Visuals=Nice animation. Good shadowing and lighting. Nice backrounds.
Audio= The music is great, I couldn't understand the voices but thanks forthe subtitles, which helped.

I thought it was great. It has some meaning to it. But it's kinda missing the point.

overall 9.

akoRn responds:

Thanks loverdude. I don't get what u mean by "missing the point" tho.

Anyway, thanks for high rate & reviews. ^_^

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4.24 / 5.00

Feb 29, 2008
6:20 AM EST