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Here it is!!!


This is... the meaning of life.

...Alrighty then... That's pretty much all I can say. The animation sucks, the audio is actually good though, hence the one star rating. The half start came for the fact that this videos excistence spawned a pretty funny april fools joke.

Needs More Effort

This movie probably brings old timers of Newgrounds way back. This seems like it would have been a hilarious April Fools idea to trick people into thinking that the site had been taken over. But then again even recently the people of Newgrounds can still be tricked as we all learned on April Fools of 2009. Somewhat funny flash.

First of all it's not very good voice acting and really high sounds start to make me want to mute my headphones. The quality wasn't that bad for such an old flash but even it could use quite a bit more effort put into it. While it wouldn't be terrible pace and sense of timing this really is not a sort of flash to be put in a loop as listening to it once is quite erritating enough. There's absolutely no plot and it's a really annoying pointless random cartoon with poor effort in all categories.

It's alright to watch for a few seconds to get a sense of Newgrounds comedy way back in the day but it lacks effort in all the departments making it a poor flash even back in the day.

-TY Reviews

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The one star is solely for the history of this movie in relation to NEwgrounds. Apart from that it is totally worthless, as even tom has said so. It's just a pointless 5 second loop with next to no animation and incredibly annoying audio. Just terrible.


tom flup said this was one of the worst games

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2.92 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2000
10:19 PM EDT