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Dice Gen.

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Author Comments

Basically, this "interactive flash project" generates a number. So it takes the place of a dice, and it's actually useful when you can't grab one when you need one. That's all. No need to tell me "This is so lame I'll vote 0!!!!11". If you don't need a dice, don't remember this project.

Well it is like a dice but, unlike a simple dice, you can change the value of numbers!
So that dice can make a 6 faces dice, 12 faces dice or even a 1 million faces dice (what reality will never be able to do).

--- Note that this is not much and easy to program. The thing is I needed a dice generator for a Warhammer battle, and I didn't have one. That also explains the background.
PLEASE submit this to the gadgets collection!

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Fairly good

A decent tool. If you choose to revise it, I have two words of advice. First, the contrast between the lettering and the Warhammer background wasn't that good, so you might want to either find a different background or change the text color. Second, while it works alright, it would be useful to be able to specify a quantity of numbers to generate - rolling 20 dice takes quite some time with the current setup. While it might not be perfect, it's pretty good, and I like it.

Celtic-games responds:

I'll try your ideas. Thanks.
Edit: background changed.


nice warhammer background.
(*o*) <_<
| |
| me
my brother

Celtic-games responds:

Well the background is just a warhammer wallpaper. Go see their site, I'm sure they have more :)

somewhat buggy

not bad, considering true randomness is one of the most difficult things to achieve in computer science.
however, i noticed that:
when you input 0 as the limit, your program generates a 1.
if you imput a very large number as the limit, say 100000000000000000000000000, the variable overflows and a decimal number is generated lol
if you imput a negative number, it generates a negative number, including a 0

and anyway, my point is, if this is to be a gadget, it should have some data checking. mostly for characters like a linebreak, or hexa255 and so on which are accepted and yet do not really appear in the dialog box.

Celtic-games responds:

I could try to fix these "numbers glitches" but that's gonna take time.
I'll try anyway. Although the negative number is expected. Just use something higher than 0 to avoid that. That may be useful though.

Edit: Now challenge with the highest number possible. I noticed it "bugged" when there was more than 4x3 0. That means if you enter something higher than "100 000 000 000", it would give you the decimal. Now it just tells you the number's too high to roll.


this isn't too bad, however you could make it better. you should make the number display on an actual die, so it looks more impressive than it really is. also i messed around with the first number and i see what you mean by glitching...you should take the option of changing that number away. if you want some help creating a better interface for this, I'm pretty good with photoshop-flash interaction so I could help you out. other than that it was pretty slick. Could definitely help with warhammer haha nice one.

Celtic-games responds:

Thank you!
I'm actually not good enough to display it with a dice, though if it's a number and not dots that display on the dice, I could try something.
Anyway, until I can fix the first number glitch it's gonna be removed, as you suggered.

As for your offer, I thank you but I think I'll be fine. That's just a number generator, no need the alarm professionals ;)

ok i submit for you

programming is difficult, luck friend.

Celtic-games responds:

Thanks :)
But it is truly easy to make, I just wanted to share this.

Credits & Info

1.84 / 5.00

Feb 27, 2008
7:15 PM EST