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The Pianist

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This is something I did ages ago, just a quick experiment with frame by frame animation at a highish frame rate, hence the low quality graphics. Figured I might as well submit it here though, maybe a few people will get a quick laugh.

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Make more

Stop doing Uni work and make more flash animations.

One-Dollar responds:

Hehe, thanks

Random, short

and FUNNY ... didn't kno what to expect but you made a good cartoon (TOO SHORT THOUGH lol)

One-Dollar responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it. Yeah, yeah too short... :D When I made this I never intended to submit it to Newgrounds so I just concentrated on the one joke. Still, better one quick joke than ruining it by adding a load of filler afterwards, right?

very simple

yeah the simplicity you should make a bunch of these and put it in a collab.
keep it up:D

One-Dollar responds:

Yeah, this kind of animation is probably more suitable to several shorts grouped together, but then the problem is how to make them fit together and keep the audience entertained. Thanks for the review though.


I never would have thought that a short movie like this could be that cool^^
Keep your style and make longer animations.

One-Dollar responds:

Thanks! My main style is more like the logo animation (lines and tweening rather than brushes and frame-by-frame), though it was fun to have a change. Just have to be careful to do something different to Egoraptor and similar people though... Thanks a lot for the review anyway!

FUNI! but short...

its the shortness that makes it ok-ish

One-Dollar responds:

OK-ish as in better or worse? Thanks for the score