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MindShock F.Engine BETA

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---UPDATE: This is no longer the official beta, check MindShock F. Engine BETA2 as that one is where I'm uploading any updates to, and is just much much better to begin with.

EDIT: in case anyone is wondering, the song is Corrupt Souls - "Dropzone"

Alright, there's no preloader or ingame instructions, so you need to read the commentary to know how to work it. Read the WHOLE thing, there are things you need to know to best enjoy this.
I've been working on this at school (with CS3, I'm stuck with MX 2004 at home >_<) for a few months now, about 25 min per school day.


The control scheme is set up similar to MUGEN's, here's a layout:
QWASZX scheme, you can change attacks at any time during another attack (except in a backflip), so get creative!
Z - light punch
Z (in air) - Pressure Drop (downward punch that also keeps you airborne longer
A - heavy punch (Hadoken fireball when standing, need a little guage power, uppercut when crouched)
A (in air) - Air strike Hadoken (downward fireball that goes through enemies and explodes on the ground for further damage)
X - light kick
S - heavy kick (always backflip)
Q - Counter (you do not take damage if an enemy hits you while your hands are out, and instead, you kill them)
Arrows to move, down to crouch, up to jump and again to double jump.
You can't attack in the air if you double jump, you need to land before a next attack

There are a few interesting little combos I've put together while testing this:
Double Hadoken Finish: A, jump, A (in air)
Ninja Dash: Q (succesful counter), jump (in mid dash), land (in front on another enemy, facing them) [You can keep doing this by jump canceling each dash and landing in range of another enemy attack ;)]
Kick-Flip: X,S

Now for the other important info to know: THIS IS A BETA!

Hell, I wasn't intending on submitting this at first but I want to get some feedback on the system so far. If you die, just right click and rewind, then right click and play.
I'm aware I have a good handful of enemies in there, I was last testing the independent AI and tweaking their aggresiveness, but half of them probably won't approach you right away. If they're bunched together and attacking at almost the same time, you can nail them all with a well timed counter ;)

Graphically, I don't have a tablet to work with at school, but CS3 is a beast with those effects so I'm able to handle the lighting and shading in realtime <3
The visual damage to the characters I'm working on ironing out, you may notice the occaisional flashes on the heads. I'm unsure what the dimensions from school are so if you're one of the first bunch to view the flash and you are seeing stuff normally offscreen, don't worry about it, I'll probably be in the process of fixing it by the time it loads up.

There are ALOT of glitches and I'm aware of quite a few (notably jump canceling a backflip sometimes causes you to not be able to move when landing, just jump again to free yourself) but don't hesitate to point them out to me if you find new ones: I want to know!
-Jump canceling a backflip prevents movement on landing until you jump again or get hit
-Enemies that beat your dead body go into their counter state (can't figure that out, although hitting the body was intentional :P)
-Air Strike Hadoken doesn't use up any power

Alright, that's enough chatter, give it a shot and throw some suggestions and critique at me

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fuc this game
(and i know that the trash is missplelled)

Pretty good

The main problems I see are that you cant pause it and that theres no ingame instructions (i know theres instructions in the author comments but itd be easier if it was in the game).


it might just be mu computer,but when the game starts the guy wont move, and then when I get hit you can't move for about 1 second after,so he hits you again.still a pretty good game,add a customize character screen,a title screen and a pre-loder and it should be good.


jump and press AAA...A button and you will fly until you want to stop..
and if you die, just wait because your enemy will die because they are killing each other

Nice Beta

Nice Beta I think this could be a great game with more places to move apart from what you see on the screen, but its a beta so I understand its not the finished version which will be alot better. I look forward to seeing the full version.

4/5 8/10

Credits & Info

2.69 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2008
3:33 PM EST