3D Sugar Glider

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Basic instructions:

1. Control your Glider and collect as many points as you can (the stars etc).

2. Stay away from the bad guy.

This is >>ONE LEVEL<< using the Away3D.com engine we are working on to display a 3D Game in Flash.

Away3D is a Free 3d Flash Engine you can download at Away3D.com.

I made the camera controllable with the arrow keys, thanks to many Newgrounds user reviews.



Cute. Never new Flash could do this, would really like to see a PS1 or N64-era Flash type game here.

great engine

smooth and responsive and a rock steady framefrate.

good to you see you release something.

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SESSNET responds:

Thanks Jose!

not bad

the gameplay and controls were a little weird but it looks great. i was at first thinking this game was going to be bigger with more cool flying so i was honlestly let down with the outcome.

It was OK

I didn't like the controls much, since they felt sort of alien. The camera should be able to follow the character or something.

I'm stunned by the files size, especially when its a 3D game. You would almost think it would be a lot bigger.

Liked it

I found the controls ok, I was able to get the albino one, but not the other secret. The one big problem in my mind is the lack of distance on the jumps when you pull the mouse at the screen

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3.25 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2008
12:34 PM EST
Puzzles - Other