3D Sugar Glider

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Basic instructions:

1. Control your Glider and collect as many points as you can (the stars etc).

2. Stay away from the bad guy.

This is >>ONE LEVEL<< using the Away3D.com engine we are working on to display a 3D Game in Flash.

Away3D is a Free 3d Flash Engine you can download at Away3D.com.

I made the camera controllable with the arrow keys, thanks to many Newgrounds user reviews.



absolutely increadable what you could do with just a computer...

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I'm pissed

OK...it's a really good game and all, but now I'm pissed, since I was working on a 3D engine myself...though I guess AS3 would be better for that than AS2...

Anyways, good game, then again, from my point of view, you cheated by using a premade engine...then again, that's why premade engines exist...then again, newgrounds is for originality...w/e

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SESSNET responds:

No cheating,

I have made parts of this engine as I am on the core team, so this is the 3D engine I use.

We have made it available for everyone to use because it is open source (free for everyone)!

What more can you ask for?

Would you say people are cheating because they used Flash (a pre-made engine) to draw/make thier animation?

So everyone who uses Flash is unoriginal? Please PM me so I can understand.


What is outstanding is the 3D engine. Finally someone reveled the big notch that was missing on Flash. I'm already looking into this Away3D and jesus, it's amazing. Well the game ain't that good, but I can clearly see why it got to front page. Inovation is the key here. With this new technology at our hands, expect many more games to come. I know we're very close to see a 3D MMORPG made on flash being released real soon :)

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SESSNET responds:

Hell yeah!


It's a small, furry, squirrel like mammal that has tufts of thin skin between its feet that allow it to glide when it jumps off of trees.


WTF!! that is soo random lol wtf is a sugar glider anyway?
lol boring game though

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3.25 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2008
12:34 PM EST
Puzzles - Other