3D Sugar Glider

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Basic instructions:

1. Control your Glider and collect as many points as you can (the stars etc).

2. Stay away from the bad guy.

This is >>ONE LEVEL<< using the Away3D.com engine we are working on to display a 3D Game in Flash.

Away3D is a Free 3d Flash Engine you can download at Away3D.com.

I made the camera controllable with the arrow keys, thanks to many Newgrounds user reviews.


Pretty Good.

Well, Its not the best game I've seen, but Its got the mechanics in it for the potential of becoming a really great game. I found the controls to be quite difficult to master, but the graphics made up for that. Its a bit too short for my tastes, but after all, its sort of a demo. Keep at it, and when it comes out, I'm sure it'll be a 10/10!


It was great. with a little more work, you could make an awesome adventure game out of that.

i dont like this game

-----------------------------------to o bad nothing to do in this game-------------------------------o ok you can catch star and try to dont die----------------------------------

but the graphics are good so 3 on 10

ok now for my checks and balances system

im going to bring up points based on its quality here is how it works graphics are 0-3 stars gameplay is 0-5 stars music is 0-1 star and sound effects is 0-1 stars

graphics gets 3 stars

gameplay gets 2 stars

music gets the star

sfx does not however

adds up to 6/10

now then its a demo so i will give you suggestons on what to do with the engine

make a fps and even better would be an rpg (imagine)

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beautiful imagery

Controls are a bit difficult, but the graphics and sound forced me to try my luck again and again! Good job on this. Next time, try to make the controls a bit easier to use...

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3.25 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2008
12:34 PM EST
Puzzles - Other