Pervert of the rings

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http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/535114 check that link for my latest and most sick flash


that was...odd o_O

before i go onto the actual content, i'm gonna go on about the actual flash, itself.

the graphics were pretty much horrible. you gradient-raped just about everything and it looks awful. the characters look marginally better, but not by much. the lip sync was lazy - i don't remember flapping my mouth like some dope with down syndrome and having professions of rape coming out. your frame-by-frame animation isn't really all that great, either. it's sloppy and it doesn't look very well. also, work on your character animation. they were far too stiff and robotic.

now that that stuff is out of the way, onto the actual content. it was hilarious, i gotta say. the whole "sam getting it on with frodo" thing was drawn out a bit in the beginning (i saw that joke coming from a metric light-year away). however, gollum really makes this cartoon worth watching. i can't say i was expecting him to get the ring and, um, use it like that. the fbf on that part really just made it funny, even if the animation was really, really bad. gollum's crying out sounds very well - i think his voice-acting was the best in this toon. sam's voice was kind of annoying. frodo's was, well, ok. it wasn't bad like sam's, but it wasn't quite as good as gollum.

also, this is the first flash i voted on with a voting power of 8 O: so congrats, i voted 3 eight times.

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Oookaay that was Gay...

the animations where good
but try other Themes...
you only submit "hentai" and Stuff...
try something other...


After watching this flash carefully, i have conducted three things, and they are as follows:

1. I knew Sam was gay for Frodo ever since the whole together thing throughout the movie.

2.This is one thing that Gollum would have done after he got the riing back, seeing that it has been 100 years since he fucked it.

3. This has got to be the funniest gay parody flash i have ever seen.

Well Done! you get a 10 from me.

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ns one candy2

Ns job candy. Gollum must have a f*ckin half incher to fit in the ring. Good job, hope to see more LESS gay videos from you. When you make your next video, it may be wise to put in a little extra time to get the video looking good. A 8 out of 10.

P.S. "Opps, it seens my dick got harder and got stuck up your ass. GET THE F*CK OFF OF ME!!" XD

Pretty funny

Yeah, I found this to be really funny. Great job on this. You get a 4 and a 7 from me

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3.59 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2008
4:48 PM EST
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