Pervert of the rings

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http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/535114 check that link for my latest and most sick flash


Disturbing... in a good way.

It could do with some work but very good. I would have liked to see gollum get possessed or something bad happen to him, maybe the ring tightens on his dick and snaps it off. Frodo getting that bottle of light shoved up his ass and turning him into a light bulb would be neat. I'm probably going to have to overdose on medication to keep the nightmares away. I don't know whether to thank you or swear at you.

ilovecandy2 responds:

dude thats the best review ever lolol what an idea the ring tightening up xDDDDDDDDDDDD lololol i wish id thought of that


oh man this shit is retarded haha. really god stuff man :)

S0,,,you want funny?

So you wrote me a Private Message and said that my reviews were funny. And I agree they are funny...unlike your flash. I don't mean to be so harsh, but The idea was great, but felt like you didn't even try in animating it. You just had to get the joke out. Whenever you have a great joke like this, you shouldn't be impatient to let everyone hear it. Make the animation great so that it doesn't get thrown to the side when people look and get angry by the low quality of animation.

Don't tell you thats the best animating you can do either. It was rushed I can tell, and if you just spent a longer amount of time on this it would have been a better animation overall. So I gave you a 5/10. and a 3/5.

Sorry. guess I'm just not in a funny mood tonight.

I'm surprised there aren't more flashes about this

I mean, everyone knows that Sam is gay for Frodo. I suspected it just from reading the books, before the movies were even made. And the thing with Gollum was loltastic. You did a good job of tapping into some underused comedy gold with this one. Also, thanks for the message- I did indeed enjoy your flash.

well thats just great....

now i going to be dreaming this tonight. Thank you for that.

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Feb 25, 2008
4:48 PM EST
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