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February 14, 2017
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Ketchbeast (Joshua Jularbal) - Art
Swirling-Venom (James Robb) - Programming

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Kids always bugging you at school? Say you have a silly wardrobe? Your mother has lost interest in you as one of her offspring?


warning: t-shirts do not actually fix any of those problems.

We hope you enjoy!


i'l give it a try xD good luck players hope you saw my comment :)

This is a terrific game. For some reason, the way that certain attacks will only kill certain enemies makes this game incredibly fun. Instead of just mashing the "attack" button like you do in virtually every other fighting game; you actually have to use some strategy to win. The slowness of the attacks also make you have to time yourself instead of just button mashing, and this is one of the few games in which the "kill everything in room" button isn't something you don't use because you're afraid you might need it later. No, you will use it, and you will use it a lot. And when you do, man is it awesome.

There are only a few minor problems.
-The first is the irregular difficulty curve: the drill sergeant is undoubtedly the toughest boss in the game (for those having trouble, destroy the missiles to build up your thunder attack) and the blind giant boss in the second level is the easiest.
-Second of all, the health bar could be improved: I can see that my shield is damaged; I don't know how many more hits I can take. A traditional health bar or some hearts would have worked just fine. Or some shields side by side like the hearts in Zelda or something. Health bars for the bosses would have also been nice.
-In the last two levels, all the enemies can be killed with the "s" attack key, which kills the strategy that makes the game fun in the first place. Granted, there are enemies with projectiles and things that swoop from the sky to spice things up a bit, but ultimately one of the things that made the game fun is gone.

-Finally, if the developer could find a way of revealing the bosses weaknesses without simply telling the player, the game would be a lot more fun

But these are incredibly minor flaws. Overall, this is a terrific game; one of the best Newgrounds has to offer. The combat is fun, the animation is beautiful, and the game is an overall blast. It's a damn shame it isn't better known than it is.



A very well designed side scroller based around timing and knowing what attacks work in different situations and against different enemy types. The majority of the game takes thought and the bosses especially require the player to solve how to defeat them. This was enjoyable from start to finish and the added touch of Evil-Dog making the music for this made me want to give a higher score than the max allows. Every stage feels action packed and there's a wide enough variety of enemies to never get bored of character designs. Just pure win sauce all around.

This turned out a lot better than I thought it would. Just as I was looking for a nice game to play I find this. Well done. Perhaps you could make an expansion or another Norse game?

good job, good sounds, action and difficulty

This was one of the best sidescrollers I have ever played. I'll even keep playing it!
10/10 for graphics
10/10 for music

definetely sequel worthy... also raises the standard on sidscrollers

Graphics 9/10
Enemies 10/10
Difficulty 8/10

some parts a overwelming

Good game, as a bloody Deutsch, I have an interest for Norse lore and the Scandinavian mythology and all that neat shit, so the game suited me well, but the levels were a bit ongoing, there wasn't anything really different happening in landscape, but it was still a good game, I'm not a geographer, I could care less where the ground is, lol.

only bad things in this game are that you can't save and you can't mute the music

Fun addicting game

i can't describe ot its addicting, funits short but awesome

i think he didnt look like yosemite sam! i think hes an brutal version of HÄGAR!!! dont u all remember hägar?

nice bosses, good attacks and good enemies, was a game in perfection, good job

Can someone tell me how to get passed the first boss, you know, the one with the warriors sword? Also, is there another game where you can have God powers? I though I saw one somewhere years ago, but I can't find anything.

Well Done, I liked the whole "Yosemite Sam" viking look, a nice touch. Great style and the programming was platinum. a nice touch with the lightning blast.
Best Regards,

This is definitely one of my favorite games on Newgrounds. Great bosses, fun combat, and colorful, yet darkly atmospheric artwork abound.

I want Wulfgar 2!

i kicked loki's goddly butt!!! owned ho!!

and to answer unholyblades answer you wait until she fires the spell, you dodge it then attack her, her shield will drop

congrats on getting first on front page my man this game rocks its so simple yet so fun.

Awesome concept, awesome graphics, but I can't defeat the Valkyrie (?) at the end, she has some sort of anti-melee shield and I can't reflect her spels, how do I kill her?

Very fun game, without getting too messi the best point its adictive game play

This made me very happy. Good job on this game!

took a long time but i beat it last boss was SO easy

The controls are a pain in the butt, the game is alright, you need more checkpoints.

The Art Is simple and Fluid,the freshest I've seen in a while.My only complaint is the combat is weak as hell.You should add more attacks or something,but overall great flash.

why cant i beat that fairy chick at the end. i have no difficulty with everything else except that fairy and the only help you get is die written in bold. game has great graphics, sound, and fighting system. the only thing it needs is a pause button and some other hint for the fairy boss that is easier to figure out. my favorite game so far and still going strong, keep up the good work.

the game play was a good slasher

At first glance, it seems just another dating sim. But even if it's simpler than most, it's fresh an original, both the gameplay and the drawings. Good job.

sexy magician girl was getting on my nerves.... i couldn't beat the drill thingy

You're the flash artists I dream to be! Great game. How do you beat that damn fairy at the end?

it dosenot let you advance it is just a stupid game.

This is one of the best hack n slashes I have ever played! Of course, my being a Norse myth fan tilted the balance in your favor :)

Gets a little repetitive late game, but that is to be expected in games of this genre. Even so, I have played the game from beginning to end a bunch of times, and found it fun each time.

Awesome game, good graphics, and a nice original soundtrack (thanks Evil-Dog!) to go with it. Hope to see a sequel...

I really like it. Good job.

Incredible graphics and sound, very fun gameplay, hard as you get into it. combat does get slightly repetitive but thats about it

Everything about this game was fantastic! I hope you guys decide to make another one...

I don't understand why people bother rating games poorly, just because they're not good at them. That's just silly.

The first level is OK but the second level is way to freakin hard.

This was a great game it was fun, great artwork and a bit tricky all at the same time. All in all it ROCKS!! Will there be Wulfgar2?

i do see a few propbelms in it, and i'm sure do u too, but it is a brillant game concept, infact, its such a good one that i'm surprized that someone had thought of early.

The harder it goes the more fun you can get! Keep it up!

the loading is a very slower!!!!!!!

That was a really good game. I really enjoyed the final boss fight and whether or not the controls were supposed to get mixed up it worked really well. My only complaint is that I feel deprived of combos that would normally be in a hack 'n' slash game but either way I liked your system as well. One word to describe this game.... EPIC!

Great graphics. The loading screens are well made, the enemies are quite animated, and the characters are full of, well, character. It deviates slightly from the usual side-scroller style in that there are is no "strong" and "weak" attack, as both attacks have a niche to fill.
The simplicity of the game is a great factor, as one does not have to go through the processes of an RPG-type game when all he wants to do is hack and slash. The minibosses are very original, each with his own background story and weakness.
Music is fitting for the game, adds even more to the sense of epicness.
The game, in terms of overall production, is great. Nice and neat, expertly done. 10/10.

Game WAS AWESuMo if thats even a word. its the best way 2 describe it.

big game
i like the good loky
is very inpresioant the atak
cool X3

3 out of 5; 7/10
Was very cool, I loved the special.
If you do play with it some more, you should think about adding some combos in, maybe even some specials. Hmm, even maybe a shop between each level where you can buy weapons and armor. And maybe add stats to make it more like an RPG element, really fun though. Nice Job


Me encantó este juego.está buenísimo.spectacular!!

Sier Gutt, Ich liebe dis Game Sier mut So! A very colorful view on the Nordic Warrior - it is highly addictive! I especially enjoyed the fact that not all enemys are felled by the same attack - you do not just button mash. All in all, I feel that this captures the imagination quite nicely. Keep up the magnificent work!

Rlly cool...
Nice Flashing when he does the lightning attack thing.. rlly show his true power!!

but good game

I like the game story and it was fun. Good story, music, thanks 4 game. Killer zombies.

:o WULFGarS a BEast!

was very fun i liked it alot,U should make more weapons tho

I really liked the graphics. Its a little bit repetitive but overall it was fun ;)

Very good game. Cheats would be cool for us losers tho

I loved it! I beat the whole game:)

It looks good, sounds good, and plays good. I particularly liked the bosses. But there are a couple things I must wonder about.
1. Why no pause? Is it really so much to ask for?
2. The rock/paper/scissors style gameplay is a nice twist, but seems to have been abandoned after the first two levels, because the same attack kills everything.
3. Are the controls supposed to get mixed up while fighting Loki? That wasn't so much challenging as annoying.

Graphics r good, but very repetetive, got bored very quickly...

its ok, but not exellent :(

i found it kinda boring theres no health bar either or atleast i couldnt see one

You could of made wulgar look better. Like taller muscular. You know more vikingish. Instead you made him small and pathetic. I saw your drawing of a viking somewhere in the menu. That was better.Your wulfgar looks like mario and he sounds bad when he gets hurt.

Matching up attacks to target your enemies vulnerabilities was a neat aspect of gameplay. Not getting surround is hard in some places though because I can't attack in different directions at once or turn around fast enough. I usually counter this by running back and forth to maintain some breathing room but this doesn't always work.

Bakedwheat - try using the D attack on the mace zombies as that is their weakness. All the other zombies in the first level are weak to the S attack. Occassionally, your attacks will get cancelled if you swung at the same time as your target, so some timing is needed when this happens.

well its a great action game and has some cool chars (cliched ending though)

nice graphics, but i found it almost impossible to kill those skeletons with the maces

Are you a gulf war protester? JK Just sounded odd. I immediately noticed that as soon as i looked at the name of the game. Still, sweet game.

it was alright and the sounds didn't make me want to killmyself.
the game play was fun and i like the fact that you had to figure out which attack to use on certant enemies.

This IS The Best Game I Have Ever Played!!!! Continue PLease!!!!!

I hate the barbarian level, but the undead and the fire viking ship thing were cool

damn archers!
very well made

I thought the game was pretty well made besides the pause button, fighting was decent, movement was decent, sounds weren't extremly aggervating, good game overall, except make a pause button next time please, sometimes your near the end of a stage and something happens that you need to pause for, but instead you just have to let you guy die, that and between boards you can't pause either =( only bad parts really

I love the artwork done for this. The game controls, not as much seeing the same enemies in a lvl spawn over and over and me using the same attack on them over and over...gets rather tedious at times.

Makes me wonder: is a more complicated Final Fight-style game possible? :D

Wulfgar = GulfWar?

liked it

i thought it was fun. It was repetitive, but it still took some form of stategy. I like the fact that you based it on a mythology of some sort. i would rather you used greek just becuase i find greek mythology more interesting than some others, but most people disregard that type of thing altogether.

I liked it the gameplay was good. the only problem was it became kinda boring after level two. It wasn't too hard

5/5 9/10

The graphics are really nice complements the time in history really well. I really suck at this game, just so you know, but it was fun to play because of all of the elements, sound, music, simple gameplay, and graphics. 5'd and 10'd!

I know that all the people say that it is really hard, but as Gederoth said below, once you understand the game mechanics it is really easy. I would have proferred more than just one hit kills for all the enemies. It also gets really tedious after a while. Can't say it wasn't colourful though.

its gd and what the person under me said is true but it will get boring eventally so not 10

I see a lot of people complaining about the difficulty of this game, but it isn't true whatsoever. It's just a trick of learning the game's mechanics, which once discovered, are awesome. For example, every single monster in this game (aside from bosses) die in a single hit, you just need to know what swing to use. S for the shield users and crawlers in lvl1, and forward D for the skeletons with maces on lvl1. It's actually not an overly difficult game, just misunderstood.

I also like how every boss has an actual strategy instead of just hacking and slashing away with maybe a platform or two. Also, I feel the simplicity of the plot is refreshing, and reminds me of my old NES days where the opening only shows your girlfriend being carried off, and suddenly you're ready to kick ass.

I also hear a lot of complaints about "extra lives". Well, they reset every level you complete, another awesome feature so you don't screwed with bad luck and a 1UP never drops. And trust me, you'll need all of them first time through some of these levels.

Anyway, I've played all the way through this several times in my spare moments. It's not too difficult to grasp, it just takes a moment to figure out. Please make more, because I love this game.

It's too hard. Try maybe making it easier and maybe adding some more skills to blow the enemy away maybe some power ups like extra life. The tips on how to defeat the bosses was a great idea and pretty good execution, just maybe make them not as hard or give us more power ups.

but jeezlaweez dont make the fucker rest his head for half an eternity after unleashing a lightning because until youre able to control him again the next wave of enemies generally has already overwhelmed you.

"little sqaure box that shows up on frontpage" is bad. get a better one, i judge books by their covers.

Dun like how you keep falling on the ground when they hit you.
Maybe you should have made all the attack be able to hurt the monsters its a bit naggy.
Needs a bit more magic skills.
But overall the graphic was alright but gameplay was not so kool.
Sry but some games need critism to have improvement, so they maybe wont make mistake the next time.

It seemed unoriginal, really hard, and annoying. Would have been nice if guys only came from one side, or if you could turn around faster.

It's okay.
graphics 9
gameplay 9

Any game including thinking should be good for you, since you have to attack with your brain too, sorta.
Good Graphics too, just try not to make an orgasmic sound XD

Loved the art work, very much like Adam Phillips' style. Gameplay was excellent as well. My only complaints are a couple monsters seemed to move/attack a little too quickly, mainly the barbarians dropping from above and the groups of three little dwarves that swarm around you. The drillmaster boss also took forever to figure out, but that's not really a game problem. Neither of these detracted from the overall experience though, great game!

5/5 just for the artwork alone.

Great graphics and action but its a bit hard. Good bosses though and thanks for all the health!

cool game!"

really enjoyed it, made me wanna play ghouls and ghosts on sega.

I saw the name and I was hoping someone finally did another game for the Forgotten Realms but this still kicks ass. We need a game with Bruenor, Wulfgar, Drizzt, and Cattie Bri. And of course Gweunyver

great game at first but got boring

Hah, Wulfgar looks like Bruenor..Anyways AWESOME game! i loved it!

Finally! A game to play over and over again! This game rocked! The graphics, the art, everything!

One problem I had was with the first boss (the sword) is that the boss got stuck off screen just continually attacking. Neither one of us could hit the other so I had to quit. Godd game though.

Liked it a lot .. dosn't really need "save", but I could use a pause button. Nice graphs, but more than 2 mobs per lvl would make it even more interesnting. overall a good game :) :D keep up the great work.

it's a really fun game and good design, but it really needs some way 2 turn off the sound in the game, cuz i listen 2 music on my computer while playing computer games.

Overall a good game. It's nice that only certain attacks can damage certain enemies.
The subbosses 'n bosses were tough, but not too hard. Though the necro boss was really easy.

I like this game, although it is repititve and you should have mentioned that some enemies don't die with same attack
And I can't defeat the drill boss~!!!!. I'm sure I need to do something with those rockets, but I can't block them. they go underneath to attack me

I like this game the Bosses on it are coolas, game play top10 :)




still a glitch the great sword guy got stuck off the screen

Great game. Little hard but overall good game

good game, was character name form salvatore books?

Brillant game, wonderful graphics, very cool bosses, nice variety, and the final boss was awesome with the inverted controls.
Man took me forever to beat it but was totally worth the satisfaction.

Unless you're really into vikings, this game is nothings special. Style is good and shows alot of potential graphically, but is let down by the steep, steep learning curve. It seems basic, contol-wise, but its more of a reaction game than a fighting one. Good effort overall though; 6/10 2/5.

This game is very good. Graphics were phenominal. They looked hand drawn, which is a good thing in my book. (Like Castlevania) The enemies were original, or if they weren't, looked great any way. The gameplay can get on ones nerves after a while, but not for me. I liked the different strategies needed to kill a miniboss or something. The plot was poor, but not worse than Alien Hominid, which many rate highly anyway. I'd like to see more of your work, like maybe a ninja game or something. Just a suggestion.

I tried EVERY attack on the first boss and nothing worked.....I found the health system a little odd too.

I'll have to admit that this could have been a great game. The art and graphics of the game were phenomenal and reminiscent of Alien Homonid. The music was well chosen, and it took a long time to get sick of it. The enemy design was original and clever, and the backgrounds were eye-pleasing.

What I didn't like was the fact that it was simply one of those "kill everything" games. Flash games where you simply drop into a combat zone and kill bad guys until the boss level have been done to death. Also, the game's premise is boringly a member of the "save the princess/your wife/your girlfriend" genre.

This game sucks balls 3 problems 1:theres no point 2 thsi game u just keep going and going until u been on in like 5 hours and then it sais "Game Over!" then number 2:it does not make sence 3:u should make some faster attacks...LOL Im just kidding GREAT GAME lol april fools xD

this game is hella tits

not bad it does get repetitive though

Well. I couldnt find a pause button. Game was cool though. Gets a little boring but its something to do.

Good graphics, gameplay, but too damn repetitive.

it took me 3 minutes to see that it was wulfgar and not gulfwar.. lmao

actually, I kinda disagree with these people, i think you did a great job. you aren't just hitting two buttons over and over if you jump-attack and crouch-attack... and the storyline was great. the artwork was good too, and there were a variety of enemies. overall awesome for a flash game.

Overall I liked it. I believe that it needed a quick demonstration to show the different move sets for different enemies. When i first started I was handed my ass on a silver platter. Later when i discovered how to play (many deaths later) , i started serving the ass. There are times however when it seems that the only way to progress is to let the enemy deliver you an enema of spears, arrows, and swords because that's they only way you getting around them. I think a run or tumble feature would have livened it up considerably. The boss battles are very clever and mix up any repetative action the game may host. The lightning attack is impressive, however the long standing "I'm a badass" pose left me vulnerable while three more enemies walked up, cleaned their swords, combed their hair, and started swinging. The gameplay was very challanging, sometimes too challenging in parts, but still fun. The graphics are very impressive however they can somtimes hinder the gamplay.
Very impressive game. Very challanging and good looking. Just to note, I have never been more angry at a large spear weilding hoppy rat thing in my entire life!!! >()

Enjoyable but I have seen better

the artwork was amazing, i loved the character animation, but the gameplay was sorta boring.

the graphics is nice.. but i didn't enjoy the game.

It was a good idea, but you didn't really make it very fun. Hitting the same two buttons over and over is pretty boring. Try making a better variety of attacks, or at least an upgrade system.

Good quality animation, game concept may not have been original. But good portrayal of a classic game genre.
Not my favourite type of game, but still have to give credit where credit's due. Nicely done.

i REALLY REALLY REALLY don't liked it! i played just 40 sec and i already can tell you that in my opinion this game suck :) sorry but i didn't liked it at all :)

This is great. Good job;D.

I loved the art style, very LoZ WindWaker and great. the gameplay was good too, different attacks for different enemies, fun boss battles, and AMAZING music, always been a fan of Evil-Dog :D

10/10 for a great quality game, NG found a nice gem in this one.

It glitched on that ghost boss at the end. He just went offscreen and nothing happened at all. good gameplay and animation but I agree with the others, too repetative

We've seen to many games like these, except this had a differnt taste to it. I did get bored within 5 minutes, to repatative.

this was a really great game. it made front page for a reason. i played it all the way through. the animation reminded me of odin sphere for the PS2. the music was good the gameplay was good. i loved how only certain atacks worked on certain monsters.that made me wanna keep playing.

over all a good game 10/10

really cool game, very smooth, very fun, keep it up

This game was pretty kick ass, but it was simple after i understood how to kill every creature.......decapitation:)

its ok not the best

nice work dude 10 on 10 5 on 5 one hundrerd percent

this is a fine game i say. i like it how well was made it had me hook

good job

" thumbs up"

After playing this game, I can die happy. Also I think that quote just sums it all up. For those of you who are having trouble, sometimes it's best not to worry about blocking, instead try to get a shot in b4 your enemies. That way you can keep 'em from swarming. My favorite thing about this was the art, no question, but the music was neat too, and the gameplay was quite awesome. I would say this is comparable to Alien Hominid, and it's certainly close to if not better than Dad 'n' Me. A real win. I enjoyed mowing down enemies before they could touch me, made me feel unstoppable.

This is an extremeley well made/fun game. Couple things: Add in a pause button! I struck the first miniboss so many times and he didn't die, i got him from the air, both attacking, in the back. He didn't die. WTF?

i reakky suk at it, died right after the first boss:p


but just to give you a hard time im going to go ahead and break the news that viking actually didnt wear horns on their helmets XD but, besides NO FREAKING PAUSE BUTTON lol otherwise, nearly flawless, from what ive played

This is one of the best games I ever played in my life,really! Good storyline,I could give you a 20/10 but thats impossible lol.

i always get killed at the ship. but it is awesome

One of the best games I've ever played in Newgrounds. Tons of action, bosses that require some thought, took me some time to beat, viking setting, great music... Nothing bad to say.

....people struggle with different parts of the game. overall i thought the gameplay was challenging enough to be fun but not too hard to be bad.

Pretty good game! Keep it up!

You get an unfair advantage because I love Norse Mythology.

dah da da dah daaah im lovin it. heh wonderful.

Fun, easy, sometimes tough but still a good game.
for those having trouble:
Lvl1: first boss, use different attacks eg. s, d, up+s/d, etc, 2nd boss press s and deflect the fireballs when they're near
Lvl2: 1st boss, just destroy the zombies then hit the guy at the end, 2nd boss, stand at the right of the screen, when he puts his foot down jump and when he swings his foot jump to avoid, then you hit him, after he swings his arm hit him, after he jumps hit him, repeat.
Lvl3: 1st boss, hit the missiles to build-up lightning then use to kill, 2nd boss, just keep on hitting until dead (i used up+s/d). This one is tough to avoid attacks, except for the pink fireball thing (that one is avoidable)
Lvl4: 1st boss, just keep on hitting until lightning, lost 2 shields on this one, 2nd boss, part 1 just up+s when he charges at you and hit him, part2 up+s him when you see him, the minions he spawns are easy to kill, if he hits you you will have left and right confused until he reappears. Just keep on up+s'ing him until dead.

Again great game!

Those Archers are so annoying to defeat.
Besides that, it's a great sidescroller.

im dyign here, i realy really want to be making games like these any help or a push in the right gaming direction, how do start?

I liked it except for the fact of not that varied monsters, and also, COME ON!
that boat thing was hard! Make it so you can get more health too(or shields, whatever)but other than that, it was a very well designed game.

read everything and you can beat it. the one thing i can beat is the robot drill sargent. good job!

Its a great game but dang it is really hard

I really liked this game.
The graphics are cool, let's you stay a bit in the world that everyone that comes to NG are familiarized with. The gameplay is good, and the sound too.
I just think that the message screens in between stages goes way too fast, I believe it would be better if there was a "Next" ou "Close" button over there, and how to kill the bosses is left a bit vague... but that one may be me >_>

Also, hot villain ftw

but i dint like one thing, loki was so easy xD, the robot was harder. Man, the clues its the key! Try everything, and you get the point!

\/ Try slash the fire balls.


the graphicks are good but i dont know how to beat that dragon longboat breats fire from air groung and crouch cant even get close to it brings out its melee defenses that sucks

Good but very hard game!

its good and the graphics are good for a flash too ^_^

This game is really cool! The graphics are really nice i like the style.

It takes some strategy and thinking to actually play this game well -- certain monsters require certain attack strokes to kill, but once you figure which stroke to use it gets easy. Bosses require the most thinking, I won't go into detail but for the first boss -- keep in mind what the b**ch says: "He won't fall for the same attack twice" so make sure you attack him with all the different attack strokes you have.
As for the second... how about you just try and hit the junk he throws at you.

So overall, this is actually an enjoyable game that is both simple and requires some thought at the same time

This game is cool, with the graphics and all, but the gameplay makes it impossible to win... even slightly...

I think all of the things in that game were completely unnecessary.

Good idea, but seemed a little to button pushery, was kinda boring. If you ever redo it add in a story line and a more interactive enviroment the scrolling reminds me to much of street fighter. Upgrades would be good to, basically with time and work it could make a pretty good rpg.

owsome game
make more...
everyone vote 5!!!!

Very good game, reminded me of the first Golden Axe game. Graphics are nicely done and the constant on-your-toes feel was very well done. Bosses were tough, a welcome thing in this current age of easy boss fights. Well done!

Hey asshole nice game you made. Really, I loved it. Once you realize certain enemies need to be killed with certain attacks it really starts going good. Great drawings and great fun.

Playing this game was fun, so much fun it made me want to get into a longboat and go pillage england :)

i lose soo many times i hate it its just way too hard!

Great =D

what I love most about this game are the boss fights. They are simply fantastic! Keep it up!

wulfgar rocks

Vikings rawk! Fo' Shizzle me maties!

mb=miniboss B=boss

mb1.he doesnt fall for the same thing twice B1. your sword is as good as ur sheild
mb2.he summons undead B2.hit where fungus grows
mb3.he shoots attackable missles B3.wait till after attacks
mb4.attack one at a time, more will come, attack all, only the original stays B4.go HEAD to HEAD B4.2 he is coming for decapitation

as an artist, I love to find the games and things with good graphics, drawings, etc.
With this, you have scored good points with me! good job!

Grt Game n everyting but i couldnt even beat the first boss!!! im hoping this is because the game is hard coz i fort i was a gd gamer lol. good job though nice animations and gameplay. (Xbox360Gt)Trix 14

For the time I played, I really enjoyed. Good graphics, good playability, good sound. i didn't really get the story... but I think it doesn't matter, right ?
Though, I didn't found any pause button or menu button to stop the game. (Yeah, I need them, I always do many things with only One hand...)

Keep it up. I expect you to give us more good games like this one !

enjoyed everything from the gameplay to the art work, good job bro

i hit the flying boss guy in the first level until he went off screen, then he got stuck and just the "spark" like he was hitting my shield, which, he wasn't.
good idea, needs more playtesting maybe.


pretty cool....

~review request club~

ps..I know this game wasnt requested...thought I should just put it in here

a three just because it could be good i arrived at the legendary sword and then it glitched off screen

nothing but hackin' slashin' and maimin', just the way I like it...
keep up the good work

The game was a lot of fun from beginning to end. The only problems I had with the game was that there was too much health and the lightning special was too frequent. What is up with the last boss? Its going to give someone a seizure.

I think this game should be made into a console game bro.

this is a cool game, kinda hard tho. not good to use combos its like doing only single strikes and thats kinda anoying but still its a great game

Keep it real.

gulf war???

is pretty hard actually. Just because combos only work with practice.

Nice game.

Very well animated, but it could use a pause function. The best side scroller I've seen in a while.

the game is funny,simple graphic,quite difficult for (im not a good player XD)
so,almost 10 on 10... but my non-undertandination (haha!?)are forcing me to reduce the point for this formidable rpg...and i did not se any bosses..only undead and undead,that there always reappaering!how to definityvely defeat hem?!?!

very good animation, ut 2 many enimies

fuckin kick ass dude!!

that is a good game but too many zombies to kill

I love the art and the game itself seems great, but I encountered a bug. Let me write it up for you like I'd write up a professional bug report at work.

Progression break at legendary sword boss in first level.

There is a progression break in the first level when fighting the 'legendary sword boss'. When the boss is positioned on the right side of the screen and Wulfgar slashes his sword at the boss repeatedly the boss will be pushed off screen, the boss will continue his slashing animation and the audio for that animation will continue as well but the boss will not move back onto the screen.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Launch the game.
2. Progress to 'legendary sword boss' in level 1.
3. Attack until the boss is positioned on right side of screen.
4. Block and attack until the boss is pushed off screen. Animation and audio for attack continues while the boss is nearly fully off screen causing a progression break.

Still, the game was a lot of fun guys. Keep it up!

It was a great game, good artwork, music, but the only thing i have to say is taht it was a bit easy with all those hint in big bold red letters in the dialouge. anyways dont listen to that douche Kilroy, this game wasnt all difficult, i beat it on the first run.

But i couldn't figure out how to kill the Blind stomping boss. Got to him twice.
Anyhow I freekin loved the game play. the animation pretty much sold it for me. Awesome stuff to the both of you.
The death animation were awesome.

Good gameplay and awesome graphics but it got a bit repetitive with all the one shot one kill enemies. But still overall a good game

this is a awsome action side scroller. it took me a few hours of joy and hair renching to get to the end. And the ways you had to kill the bosses was pretty cool. The animation and blackgrounds were slick and eye catching. the difficulty was somewhere all fast paced action games should be at, and that's what makes you keep wanting to get to the end. if the difficulty was easy the game would be over in ten minutes. Anyways sweet game.

It was great game, the drill robot boss was kinda hard but otherwise good!

I don't know what has gotten into the minds of game developers these days, but they seem to think that if a game is unbeatable on the first try, it's good. This is, in fact, the opposite of what is true. I hope that these games start getting blammed in order to send a message to the rest of you morons: Games are meant to be FUN, not DIFFICULT.

hw do you beat the first boss??
i have tried everything and nothing works....
you can only use a attack on him once than he will block any of that attacks....

why did they dont tell how to kill the boss

graphics were good gameply was ok but the boss was too hard and it gave you no instructions on how to kill him for this reason i give you a 3 so in the future there should be a tutorial on how to beat this boss

how do i kill all the bosS? but the undeads are freakin easy

pretty fun

it was prety good, but ithught it was alilttle hard.

A cool and fresh take on the side-scroll genre with astounding elements and stuning art.(packedwithOKAMIvibe)

these game made me feel like thor:)

I really like this game and belive me not many games make me say this but I really really like this game hehe.

Good Drawing good storyline a must play for all hack and slash fans.

Just one question: How the hell do I get past the fucking Drill Sergeant on Stage 3
Boss nr 5??

Please tell me fast. All the other bosess was a piece of cake but Drill Sergeant was a tricky bastard please tell me how to beat him.


What is wrong with all of you this game rules unless your an fing idiot

I do love this game. The people who are weighing down on it because of "difficulty" obviously didn't read the survival tips. Each enemy is vulnerable to certain attacks. The skeletons with shields, for instance, can be killed with attack number one. (s)
While the skeletons with maces can be killed with attack number three. (forward+d)
This rock-paper-scissors style of combat, while boring to big-time hack-n-slash fans, is much more well developed than most people see. I've beaten the game about four times now, and I'm still satisfied with it. The character designs are awesome. I love how Wulfgar is almost all beard. People complain about how the characters are clunky and slow... But if they had taken the time to play past the FIRST LEVEL they would see themselves as wrong. Anyway, this review is becoming too long... In short, this game is awesome and has very few flaws if not none.... So.... when can we expect to see a Wulfgar 2?....

10/10 5/5

wow, this game is freaking fantastic! And for all the ppl writing reviews claiming that this is a bad game because they are too slow to grasp the simple concept of different attacks for different enemies, ya, leave. just go, like now. no one wants you. giving a 0 star rating to a 10 star game because you suck at it is the most idiotic thing ever. i will vote 5, which will hopefully push it from 3.99 to 4. thanks for making the greatest game on Newgrounds in years! bye!

I got past the first boss but the 2nd boss got me.. how the heck you kill it?

Eh, it would be great but way to unbalanced and hard. Maybe some power ups? Like super speed and stuff like that? And i like GoldYo's idea of combo points. It has potential though, so keep tryin!

Didn't like it. Couldn't even get to the first boss...

this is the best freakin game that's how you make a game the style is great the gameplay is great i love how you have to use different attacks on different enemies the bosses look kickass the viking boat looks insane a does the ghost bosses it's cool I love this game the girl looks cool how she pops out of nowhere, the story isn't there but you don't really need it you can just imagine kinda what it could be. sometimes the dwarves attack and it gets insane and you can't do anything and that kinda stresses one out but i loved it it's cool the art style truly make this game. I hope there will be another.

for one, the characters slow and sluggish movements aren't cut out for the seeminless endless onslot of enemies. you also really should add a combo system

-decent graphics
-has a story

-to many enmies
-somewhat clunky animation
-only one special attack
-overall seems unbalanced

this could go somewere but needs work.

im feeling genorous so ill give it a 3/5.

ya kill the first boss?

Remember pilage first burn later

could use a bit more moves like a way to quickly get up like a summersault before you hit the ground if u get stuned from the air but nice. Great music and all sounds were good and bosses were easy at first but became a lot better and tougher. Like the fight with the giant in the woods that was a good fight. Hope to see more

how you kill drill

last lvl is hard but pretty good game

Simpe game with a couple of bosses with basic controls. Not much of a story line tho.

can even play the game eternal loadin but i gave u full marks for graphics and quality

i can´t play this game, eternal loading!
3 pooints to art,...
is very beatyfull!

good game i beat the fuckin loki in my first try i was tinkin i will lose( shit). im argentinian sorry for the bad english. XD

loved the game a bit short and i love Norse mythology the only thing is the last level was really easy and Valhalla is the home of the gods the actually place is Asguard


Great story as well, thanx for enlightining me about Norse folklore =D

Good game. Very challenging. The art for the level screens and the credits is absolutely fantastic. The boat gave me the most problems. For a while, I kept trying to cut it's head off and eating lots of oar. XD

Quick Tips for those who want to rate this game bad for it's difficulty:
level 1:club guy-forward D horizontal slash
everyone else, use the overhead swipe
boss 1:hit him with 1 of each attack
boss 2:get back and just hit back the fireballs like a baseball

level 2:
spearmen: overhead swipe
everyone else: forward d
boss 1: get to 1 side (while he's at the other), kill the spawns until you can lightning
boss 2: get in a corner, jump when he kicks, and just attack

level 3:
group of 3:over head swipe
everyone else can be dispatched via forward d/overhead swipe
boss 1: jump over his charge, slash missiles to build up and use your lightning
boss 2:hop over fireballs/ice, slash her, block when she flies from side to side, and repeat

level 4:
over head swipe the swordsmen, and just kill the pink fairies fast, or they'll bombard you with magic balls/teleporting
"odin"-when he charges, jump slash him
loki-he change into the previous peon enemies, but when he charges at you as Loki, hit him before he gets to you, otherwise he'll mess up the controls.

Vikings are the coolest ever! Great graphics ^^

The bosses are good the levels are good. You really almost killed it with the
"I'm gonna make sweet love to your wife" part in the end. But I wont give you shit for that. A well put together game.

...I dont have more time to play it. Honestly this is one of the best submissions i have seen to the games section in MONTHS honestly this game is extremely visually appealing, your art was fantastic, and it was simple but still challenging. I normally try to criticize a game/movie when i write a review but i really can't do that here this was just such a great game especially the art, very visually apealing. Just wow great job!

This game reminds me of a merger between Double Dragon and Mega Man. Hacking your way through enemies is no longer a matter of simply mashing the button quickly enough, but you must use specific attacks to destroy specific enemies. Also, the first boss reminded me of the battle against Aghanim in Link to the Past, where you couldn't damage him directly but had to bat his own attacks back at him. This is a cleverly designed game incorporating intelligence as well as reflexes that should provide a challenge for pretty much anyone.

The only downside is that the novelty wears off after the first level, and subsequent stages become a bit of a chore.

i'd give this a ten for looks and style but its frsutratingly tough. so original setting a zombie game in the past though - they should do a film like that. that would be awesome!

took me 3 attempts but i beat it all way through, very fun game. It isn't as hard as everyone says it is as soon as u get use to it.

too hard. way too many zombies and i can't get past the first boss. great graphics and sounds, though. this game would probably be better if i could win.

the graphics is not bad, but its too hard, enemies spawn everywhere and you get flanked like mad, which kills you very quickly...
maybe you should put a easy/nromal/hard mode

I really realy enjoyed it...allthough i kept dying -.-

Great game...
one thing although: each enemies have a way you have to kill them but i think there are too little types of enemies and most of the are hit by the same way... so it required no true skill to kill em all

the being swarmed everytime thingy was awesome.. made me feel awesome and strong everytime i chopped off a crowd

and lastly the bosses were intresting and challanging (= i really liked your game

The graphics are ok for a 2d scrolling platformer, but there are too many enemies that spawn from either side. It is damn near impossible to dodge block and attack at both sides. Perhaps the option of an easy mode would make the game more accessible.

This game was really bad! It must have been made years ago, beacuse the graphics were Half-Ass.I would of given you a 0, but since you put a least sone stupid work into it, ill give you a 2. GET BETTER AT FLASH!!

Just nice not more nor less....

how are you supposed to beat that stupid boat you dont get any clues and when you try to attack it it start slapping you with oars..
thats why i only give you 6

The graphics are great the gameplay is simple but fun, and its a good difficulty level I had a few hard parts but i wasn't smashing my keyboards.
And to back up Wolf priest, VIKINGS!!!

The gameplay as a hack and slash is fairly passable. However; what makes this game so cool in my eyes are the well though tout bosses. Each does have some aspect of a puzzle to it, and I really appreciatge some real character being given to these guys! The enemies are also fairly good and keep you on your toes.
Graphic-wise, I think this game stands up more than well, I liked some of the stylized backgrounds integrated into the levels (symbolic water etc.) and loved how bloody well animated the bosses were (it's bloody unreal, man!)

graphics were good but thats it gameplay was shit and i got swarmed by zombies and i dont know why?? too hard at beggining

i love the graphics but i do not know i just did not like the everything but them

This game is amazing! Everything is just right! Zombies, barbarians, dwarves, gods, and best of all, VIKINGS! Good job guys keep it up.

i like all aspects of this game...very good! i say SEQUAL!

That was very good!
and i guess some people forget that games in general are for killing time...
Damn good man keep it up!

this game is fine to pass the time but only for that and it have good graphics

This game just screams sequal! I loved the mechanics and the art design, along with the norse mythology. I'd love to see a part 2 with maybe changeable weapons, more enemy variations, and a little more platforming. My only grievance with the game was its shortness.

Ghosts 'N' Goblins~

The Knight

its alright, side scroller hack and slashes are alittle old but it had nice graphics and a good story line, the comabt ehh not so much, it was WAAAAY to easy to get out numbered and slaughtered, i mean i love chalanges but the barbarian lvl with that dog wolf thing and the bow men, that was jsut horrible about 3 of thsoe guys could put you out, other then that it was pretty good 6/10

I found the graphics quite good for the game type. It suited it in my opinion. The gameplay, bosses, enemies, attacks, and all, was simply superb. Wouldn't have thought of how to kill Loki like that normally though. But very good. No strategy used twice and no way to grow dependent on any one strategy. Till Valhalla anyway. But still, a superb and well done action game. I applaud your work and hope for many works from you in the future.

It's rather interesting, yet I found it hard to play. The grahpics could be better to. But hey! we all make mistakes, even though your's wasn't a mistake

I loved the concept and the art. I just wished that there were different weapons to use.

Though, it was simply a hack and slash game, but, I've played better.

it actually reminded me of alien hominid... without the "gun" nor "alien" nor "p**** jokes"... It was good but the enemies were pretty straightforward.

I agree with uberkiller5 when he says that the animation for the lightning strike could be better, but still it's only gfx. The game has a great pace and challenge on some extent.

You COULD have done better, but this is already far enough...

but: the name wulfgar... did you read the icewind dale trilogy?

The only reason this hasn't gotten a score over four is that its just too hard for some of the lesser gamers here. :D You had a great game play mechanic, good ideas. You really nailed the combat, the bosses were very entertaining and added that extra oomph to make this a stellular combat game. It was challenging and I think the difficulty was really fine tuned. Also, you had a storyline that wasn't half-arsed and actually added to your game as a whole. It really gave the sense of having done the impossible at the end. Overall, I think this is one of the best games to get into newgrounds in a while, so good job. And don't take that score as something bad. I look forward to anything you make in the future.

um...I think it was pretty boring and the thunder attack should be a little bit cooler looking then wulgar lifting up his sword and everything turning blue and all the skeletons dieing =/

good game

Cool game but Very simple and too short
En gros faudrait approfondir ton jeux ma couillasse

i really thing you did a good job on the art and animation josh, this is really awesome. I kinda suck at playing the game tho, but thats just cuz i dont play flash games often. REALLY awesome, colors and characters it really came together!


It was pretty decent, i wud,nt say its brilliant though,,,
The gameplay just seems a bit repetitive..
Graphically good though...
The thunder sword option was great, it reminded me of the special powers used in GOLDEN AXE on the sega megadrive...
So all in all you brought me back a precious memory... Cant complain about that...

Ok game. Need checkpoints.

So. Im... Im... I'm kinda confused... well, not confused becous i understood everything almost... so let me see ief i got this straight: Loke Raided our hero's house a kidnapped his wife, whilst inform of the norse god king Odin, then he used his fom as Odin to control the inhabitants of Valhalla and get all the Valkyrs and Eirherjingars to protect himself from the pissded off hero, then threatend the hero with raping his wife, and the hero kills a Loke and regains his wife from the wisdoms tree Ygdrasil...?

nice storyline there :P

Great gameplay. 10/10
Decent effekts and physics: 9/10
annoying fact that you cant turn whilst attacking -4/10

so i'll give it a 9/10

Not the most complicated, or the most immersive gameplay. Not the most wonderful art or sound effects. No amazing level design.

But everything was GOOD. It was enjoyable for a while. The game had a pretty fair story for a sidescrolling bash-em game. I liked the boss battles - they weren't too hard, nor too easy, and to any experienced gamer they weren't mindbendingly annoying or a simple walk-slash-block-slash cycle (also: he who never falls for the same thing twice? Ha!) The character Wulfgar just seemed to ooze badass viking vibes, which was pretty cool. And although it might not have been the most detailed or the best art in a game ever, it was fitting for the setting, vibrant, and characteristic. I dug what looked like Wulfgar's beard braid. The enemies were especially interestingly made. So like I said, not the best of the best in anything, but far from the worst.

And to those who say it's too hard - c'mon. Seriously?

It looked nice but was boring to play. swing swing swing block die....wow thats ..fun...

Boring just swinging your sword and you get specials sometime. There is million games liken this one.

Dude that was it rite there! That game is BEAST! MAN!!!

fun game:.:.:.::..:: =D

I really enjoyed this game. My only recommendation would be to employ some sort of save system, whether it be by cookies or passwords. And it would be nice to not have to completely restart a level after getting almost all the way through it, so maybe save points would be cool too.

WAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sugoi! this game rules!!!!!!!!!!!!! the game is pretty easy for me, and the graphics are really simple but good.

Waaay to hard, there are enemies all over the screen! The blocking key doesnt really help either.

Also, it gets boring after awhile since your doing the same thing and theres no special secret attack combo's you can do so it gets REALLY boring.

The graphics were cool, so the game was not all horrible, but you could put some more work in it to improve it.

I played the game all the way through to find no reward for beating it.

Controls were responsive, block was kinda useless because i couldn't turn around while blocking (i think?). The attack system was alright, easy once you figure it out.

I really liked the art style, simple and effective. This is good to kill about 20 minutes of time.

Glitch: The dwarf level, if i outrun the big magic balls the wizards throw at me, they get stuck at the drill sargent and then when you beat the drill sergent they constantly spawn in the upper left corner and make an annoying noise (they don't move after me though). It went away in the next level though.

This was a really great game, even thought i only got to lv 2, but what would have made this game great for people like me who have to do something every so often would have been a pause button which we could stop the game for us to stop for a while to do something and not die by just leaving my computer. And also the automatic spawning of creatures wasnt a great idea its pointless if the game had gold or exp it would be ok but all you do is kill and then more come if enemys stopped after a point in each area that mite of removed the whole "pause" idea. but execpt for those 2 things it was a good game.rofl

This is a great game, the graphics are brilliant without slowing the game down at all, i like the story line and the bosses look great. Its a real challenge

i totally died on the second boss, didn't realize you had to hit the fire balls back until it was too late. because of this i think you should be able to restart from half intervals. So if you die on the second boss you can restart from the first boss. either that or have a few difficulties.

art: 9/10
it was very well done and design, i especialy loved how odin looked, however it could have been a bit smoother

gameplay: 7/10

gameplay was decent, your attack system was ambitous however i could not find a use for the block button, and enemys spammed you it was very annoying.

music: 9/10
music fit the game pefectly, however sound efects could have been more numerous and better done.

overall i hope to see more games from you, however work on the gameplay

ps. his wife was hot in the end credits

very addicting game.

good little side scroller.

nice amount of enemys,could be more but good.

it has a simple storyline but a storyline all the same.

good but not awsome graphics. but it still looked nice.

ill in all a great game and i cant wait for a second one.

a fiew negatives thow:
all enemys but the bosses are a one shot kill, maybe the last level enemys could be stronger.

the boss fights where good but sometimes hard to figure out, i little more info would help. and a health bar to see if you are hurting them or not,i ahd no idea if iw as hurting the giant or loki.

the second boss, the giant, all of his words where behind him so i have no idea what he said.

the bosses should not tell you how to finnish them off.

And even thow the crouch+block looked cool it had no use. y not make a fire breathing dragon where that is the only way to block. that would look awsome.

hope to see a second game like this.

This game is sort of redundent to Castle Crashers and the artwork is eerily similar to Dan Paladin's work. Also, it's kind of hard fighting normal enemys because they just sort of gang up on you. Other than that though, it was top notch gaming.

like the music but the 2nd boss is sooo hard it is impossiable

It's almost a generic side-scroller, but at the same time, no. This makes you think more rather than just staring blankly and mashing buttons. Nice.

Oh yeah, and I vote 5/9, because of this games awesomeness

Serious props on the game, as it easily matches Alien Hominid+ quality.

It must be said, the art in this game is fantastic, heck it's amazing. Awesome boss fights. Gameplay is very solid, with some nice depth in terms of the attacks. Great music too.

All in all, it's one of the best NG games I"ve played in a long long time.

Excellent! Great art and animation. Very challanging. I like the fact that certain enimies are vurnerable to only one kind of attack. Sure makes you think (and adds a bit to the difficulty).

...the one person that says it's a crap game hasn't contributed a GAWDAMN THING

GREAT game, the animation was pretty fucking smooth, and the art was fucking BAD ASS!!!

Hard too, and fast paced, I love it!

O.K. Game but In the books by R.A. Salvatore Drizzt's Friends name is Wulfgar and that defenatley is not his story.

for some reason during the drawf level i fall through the place where you first spawn just wanted to point that out great game!

where he says after i kill you im going to make sweet love to your wife then right before u fight it says again classic

Great game....good graphics......in the end drawing...his wife looked hot(well what you could see of her) compared to the flash version of her... oh yea and when you hit the guy on the horse...the way he dangles reminds me of legend of zelda: twilight princess....anyway 10/10

this is a fun game but, it get VERY boring

Excellent Game I loved it love Norse Mythology love this game and I especially Love that Loki the God of Tricks and the night is the final boss and his line "After I Kill You I'm going to Make Sweet Love to your Wife" Love this game Make more please the combat was repetative but Fast some Enemies like the dragon on the Drawf lvl was alittle to difficult to trap and kill but still all and all damn fine game you have my thanks

finally good to see someone base a game/flash on our favorite dark elf hero!

notice how when you switch the "W" and the "G" in "Wulfgar", you get "gulfWar"

wulfgar from drizzt collection

great game
had good graphics and sound and interesting game play
one suggestion is to make a timer to tell you when the boss is coming

It looks good, sounds good, and plays good. I particularly liked the bosses. But there are a couple things I must wonder about.
1. Why no pause? Is it really so much to ask for?
2. The rock/paper/scissors style gameplay is a nice twist, but seems to have been abandoned after the first two levels, because the same attack kills everything.
3. Are the controls supposed to get mixed up while fighting Loki? That wasn't so much challenging as annoying.

Very awesome. I like fighting the bosses. Some situations I had trouble with but not bad at all! Make a number two!

This game was amazing. The death animations of the characters was so great i just can't get over it. I also loved that it wasn't the same damn animation over time. Also the variety of enemies was amazing.

The only problem i found in the whole game was that i can't turn around when blocking or during the "i just got the shit kicked out of me" animation. This usually lead to more shit getting kicked out of me. But maybe that's how you wanted it to work because i could always use the thunder sword to blast out of there.

P.S. the sounds the females made was great.

The graphics was awesome. The gameplay is good, it never gets boring, and the bossfights are cool. Thats an addictive and beautyful game.

The action is crisp, the control scheme is simple, and yet the game presents an interesting challenge. The selective vulnerability goes a long way in making the game more intelligent than a lot of the other NG beat 'em up games. I like how the game encourages experimentation to make bosses more challenging as opposed to just giving them a ridiculously long life bar or a really high damage.

If there is one thing that I have a complaint about, it's the hit box detection. While the hitbox detection itself functions just fine, Wulfgar's slashing range is not very apparent and is much longer than the animation shows. This, combined with the very elaborate and involved method that enemies move, sometimes makes certain enemies hard to know if you hit them or not. that's what happened with the barbarians. I'm never sure if I've killed them by the way they move until I see a limb fly off. For the same reason, the flying enemy at the last stage was actually kind of hard to hit since I'm not sure how far my hitbox extends.

unlike the rest of the suggestions, I actually like the fact that Wulfgar only has a handful of attacks with different properties. If you start adding things like super-mode or different inputted attacks, the game will just become more and more complicated and harder for people to pick up. (Which, for many games can mean death.)

If there is any one thing that I would suggest ADDING to the game, it would be an intelligent enemy. Most enemies fight in patterns. Once you know the pattern, you're pretty safe. An optional opponent where you have to just out-skill and out-fight him would be kind of cool for those of us who are into fighting games. (This, of course, would mean that Wulfgar's different moves would need some REAL differentiation between properties.

I didn't give you a ten. You made an AWESOME GAME! It had wonderful controls, good music, a fun plot, great bosses, and unique enemies. Why didn't I give you a ten? You ignored those with less than stellar PC's or mac users. Playing this on my crappy work mac, my PC at home might do just fine! But for the love of god, how hard is it to do a quality control setting?

his game's adictive! five and ten stars ;]

This game definitely held my attention for a while. It never got boring and the boss battles were very unique. The art style was great and all the character animations were good. I'd like to see more!

This is a good one!

I like the game, this is for sure.
I have found how to kill the bosses, up to the Walkyrie: any tips from other users please?
For the drakkar, you have to strike the fireballs back at it ;)
Thanks for this lovely game!

Cannot kill the boat!
Any tips???

It was ok but thought you could improve it by having more attacks or super mode

Bloody good game, finished it and want more soo...make another one! =D


I played only two levels and the game is very good. Make a sequel.

Very fun and entertaining. The fact that you get such a variety of attacks adds even more fun to the game, especially since most side-scrollers offer only one. The animation and art technique is also quite good and very orginal.

the undead dudes kept on swarming up on me be yeah i'm a midevil freak so i liked it

maybe start it off where you can actually attack? the undead don't give you a second...

Rly good, the sort of game bores me but this one keept me to the end :)
I love the graphics and the non stop attack of mobs makes and you must find how to kill bosses at ach lvl, i love that, i had to restart the Viking Boat and the Sergent (dwarf lvl).

Wizzards looked pretty before i killed them ^_^ (ho and of course the wife is well drawed in art of the end ^^, keep on it guys!)

Hope to see soon new games of you :)

Great game, i love that there were so many bosses and enemies, and also that hints were given on how to defeat the bosses (usually). The bosses were also nicely done, especially the final boss.

Vikings ftw. Vikings killing undead ftw. Vikings killing undead and owning Loki . this game gets all my 5s.

Definitely agreed that the Thunder Attack should be taken down a notch or two. Other then that I loved it. We need more games like this in the flash portal. Keep it up.

Norse mythology kicks every other mythologies ass. Fun games, simple and enjoyable. Good stuff.

-Because I kept getting pwnd! lol. This is as epic as Beowulf (the poem not the crap movie[animated one])!
Btw, I only gave 9/10 'cause nine is the magic number:P

i dunno...kinda got bored with it after the first couple of swarms...maybe i missed something...good graphics tho, music was tyt to...maybe some combos or new moves would make it better

Beautiful art, awesome challenge, great work.

I love the game but the Thunder Attack animation was a bit long and took away from the fast-paced nature of the game. Otherwise FANTASTIC work!

This game kicks butt!

All I can say is one of the best things that came to newgrounds.

I like this game a lot.
The uses of Norse mythology is quite fun and not too history lesson like.
However the game did get a bit repetitious after awhile, but then again every thing does eventually.
The bosses need a bit more clarification on how to beat them, the first one was ok, but the second one the boat didn't give anything at all. I thought I had to jump over the fireballs and hit it directly :P

Oh and on a sidenote, Wulfgar is just a Norse name. It might be a reference to Salvatore's Drizzt books but I doubt it, since this guy ain't wielding a giant hammer and he's using metal armor.

I liked the game, however I found myself slightly annoyed at times when I was suddenly surrounded with bad guys swinging away left and right. Make thunder attack kill anything that comes on while it's still active, or allow for 2-3 seconds of invulnerability after use since sometimes monsters come on after you use it and are attacking him when he's doing the glorified fear my blade pose. Then right after he's done looking good you are met by the barrage of attacks that are coming from both sides. Allow players to have an easier time dealing with action like that. With maybe a little invincibility after taking a hit. Nothing that would make it unfair just enough for the player to get an attack in and balance things out. Other than that, the game play was a rather refreshing change from the usual games of this genre. I liked the paper, rock, Scissors style of combat. Since it actually requires the player to think opposed to mindlessly bashing keys. Maybe in the next game should there be one, you can add a counter attack ability that must be used on certain enemies in order to kill them, but will not work on everyone since they would probably block it or something. Also, maybe magic can occur in different tiers with lower levels doing something like a full screen stun opposed to full screen kill. Anyways, overall it's a good game. I'll give you 8 stars for the game. Then an extra 2 since this is based on my favorite mythology. ;) Nice work

this game is so awesome! its kind of like achilles, but i think its better! i dont think theres anything to improve on, except i can imagine a map screen where youl have alternate paths and some will lead to new weapons and shields, and some will change storyline, and thats all i can think of. Man is this game awesome!

good review and nice reference to R.A. Salvatore (wulfgar is Drizzt's sidekickin the books)

Good game indeed. Still, I think that the final fight against Loki (good character design on that one) cold have been more variated and difficult.

Keep on good work :D

A fine game
best viking action ever

pretty good

You did a fantastic job on the game, spectacular graphics, good animation sequences, nothing glitched horribly, but the problem is that the game gets stale rather fast, there needs to be more change in the gameplay, instead of a few buttons holding you off intil you find something that needs different buttons. But other then that you did an amazing job on everything.

Great game. I would've liked a little more control over my player, though. that's it!

8/10 only because I dont really enjoy it. But the graphics are great, instructions are clear, it's not too easy, and its not too hard. I just dont like this game.

I like it

i think this is one of the best games in newgrounds

excelent work

Congratz you did a great job but I did get a little bored as I got through but then again I have the focus of a goldfish. It was a rgeat game but there was just something missing, soz but I don't know what it was (lol I'm great help X.X)

I can't beat the drill boss thingy, but other than that, its beautiful!

That was a little hard but still great artwork. I love the plot like the other guy.

That was a very excellent thought out game. It had a steep learning curve and it wasn't easy - but I managed to make it through the game. It took me a long time to figure out that your opponents die from a specific attack. At first I was hammering away with one attack and was getting nowhere.

The artwork was good, considering that the style stuck together throughout the game. The music was a good choice too. I liked the little additions you put together between levels. The bosses were cool too. Sometimes it took me awhile to figure out what I needed to do =P

A couple problems came up. There was some sort of sound problem when too many were on the screen and you are swinging like a madman. Another weird thing is creating lightning in the air after you die. Also, I noticed that the archers could still attack me while I was using my lightning attack.

A couple suggestions: Make a different preloader. Make a bar come across the screen or have the icon fill the screen. It's hard to notice it loading if the icon is barely visible. The blind boss telling you to finish him was out of place. I'm not sure how to do it differently, but simply saying "I deserve to die" instead of a long explanation on how you need to kill him is more appropriate. You should also change the 'life bar'. Maybe you should have made it chip away or make the marks cover the entire shield. It was kind of difficult to tell how much of a life I had left.

In the end, this was extremely fun. Now I'm going to make up lost time with my viking wife... starting with the house being rebuilt.

NEEDS PAUSE BUTTON!!!!! I couldn;t finish game cause of so many interruptions 8/10

Thisi s (as I said before) exelent! The game play by it self isnt revolutionary, but its dam fun. The controls are great and the speed and the felling of the game are superb. Plus I loved the style and story all together. And its nice to see some viking action. Hope to see more from you soon!

fantastic job, visually very pleasing the animation is smooth and the game play is fun.

one of the best flash games ive seen in a long while, plenty of extra lives, artwork was beautiful, animations were fluid. my only complaint is with one bit of the controls, not being able to turn while blocking got me killed several times heh, keep up the good work =)

Just to let every one know that the name Wulfgar is stolen it is a copyrited named and you the author of the game needs to change it trust me the creater will sue

I couldn't get past the second boss. There is no one to give you a hint at the begins on how th defeat it.Still pretty good,though.

Alot of fun, and i love the theme, but you need to make it so that the enemy swarms you less.

Pretty well made game -- the only down side is: Wheres the sound control button? I think you should of incorporated one, because it gets to be a bit annoying not being able to control the volume, or muting the sound.

I gotta say awesome game man. The art and animation was top notch. And although the gameplay was nothing special or unique, it felt very tight, and simply put... worked.

I loved all the little details you put into this game, thats what really sets it apart, the obvious hard work and time you put into it. Like the background ocean's waves looked kinda like runes, VERY cool. Oh yeah the boat monster, perhaps one of the coolest video game bosses ever, and in A FLASH game no less! You sir, are creative!

My one complaint is the lack of lives, wouldn't be a problem normally, but many enemies need to be attacked in diffrent ways to kill, it's to much trail and error to justify limited lives. This is but a small complaint, cause even if I'm killed and have to start over, the game is so finely made, I don't really mind.

Game was awesome, I loved every bit of it. It was very reminiscent of old 2-D brawlers. Bosses were challenging but not overly hard and the art was amazing, very fitting for the game. I hope to see more soon.

It was not easy but not hard, I managed to beat it.

Good game, love the setting. Although it was really hard I hated the fact that you have limited lives. Maybe you should make it a little bit not as hard. Maybe regenerating health or something. Still really good!

To viewers that are about to play this:

You are a viking on a rampage to get back your girlfriend/wife back from a mysterious rider who takes her away. On your journey to get her back you must fight your way through endless tides of foes and mighty bosses. Will you survive to get her back?
to the game creator:

This is a very well designed game. The idea of a viking going on a rampage to save his wife (i think its his wife) was very original. The levels are very well drawn so are the enemies that you fight through out the game (have finished the game yet but its promising enough to keep on playing).

The only complaint i have is that there is no storyline. Sure in the intro scene we find out that a villian stole the viking's wife, but why does the valrkyie (the woman that floats in mid-air when summoning mid-level bosses) try to stop him?

All in all, all i have to say is Its a grand job and keep up the good work.

-Great graphics
-Good boss strategies

-No pause button
-No checkpoints
-Very short weapon reach
-Crappy health bar

Overall not too bad, but simple things like checkpoints would've been nice. The health bar was bad as well, I found it very difficult to accurately gauge how much health I had left during a fight.

but i didnt beat the drill boss lol

really dug this game, !!!!!
though it could had have some more effects-but it becomes an extra point just for the viking part !!!!!

awsome but bosses are hard

Pretty nice, a bit too hard and got to fast boring

good needs violence option tehee

As a note I would like to point out to previous posters that the name Wulfgar appeared in the original manuscript for Beowulf around 1000 years ago, and it is a Danish name. Not all inspiration comes from the most obvious source, I personally haven't read that far into the Drizzt books to have met Wulfgar, but have known the name for years.

Back on topic, I liked the graphics and enjoyed playing.

A very entertaining flash game. I love the setting and the graphics (drawings?).

The dwarf level was WAY too hard. The little dwarves show up right on the exact spot you are standing on, and then hit you 5 times before you even know they are there. And that drill gu? How do you beat him? You need thunder to beat him, but there is no way to charge it up.

Really good time killer here. The last boss was kinda tough but I managed a victory. Great game keep em coming!

but i stayed until the end, good job sir's, i raise my paintball marker to you guys

I found this to be a really great game.. I loved the graphics, they were amazing..
However I would like to point some things that annoyed me a little bit:
Wulfgar isn't a viking name. Wulfgar as one has said before is the name of one of the main characters in R.A. Salvatore's books.. I have read the Icewind Dale Trilogy only.. Wulfgar in the book is described as from a barbarian tribe, and his feats really will remind you of a viking, his opponents names also... Anyways, Wulfgar isn't a viking name, its probably from Old English or Old German.. Closest thing you'll find in Old Icelandic would be Úlfarr.
The game has no mute option, the sound of the dragons on the dwarf stage can be REALLY annoying..
Loki can't shapeshift into Odin's form.. In the Eddas, Loki shapeshifted into a mare, a salmon and a hawk, being that this last one is only possible when he borrows Freyja's cloak.. He has also shapeshifted into the form of a woman, but that is all.

Recommendations: It would be really nice if you guys made a Point System, and that you would be able to submit your score..

Great Game!

Wow. Awesome game.

The storyline at the beginning left me laughin abit. House. Big scary guy comes, steals wife. House in ruins. Viking goes to fight em. Lol. THEN you go and make my jaw drop with the 2nd boss, the giant dude. I LOVED THAT PART!!!! lol but i wonder if there is a tactic to beat him without EVER getting hit? if there is, tell me it :D i wanna know!

AAAnyways, this game has awsome graphics, really go along well with the whole thing, sounds are just...if they were any different than what they are it'd spoil the game, and i love that even tho there's 2 attack keys, you still managed to make 5 attacks. Loved the running D attack, that rules XD.
Then there's playability. Weeelll lets just say i beat it more than 4 times. And im gonna do it again, probably.
All in all, imo, this one of the best games i have ever played here on NG. Make a sequel to it maybe? Or something similar with all the good stuff from this game and 2 things i would've liked in here.
1st: DIFFICULTY SETTINGS. Would've been great if i could've played that on more than one difficulty, seeing how its not very long. I mean, you DO need around 30 mins to beat it especially if its your first time, but some players like me like to have a bit of an extra challenge.
2nd: Cheats after you beat it on the last difficulty. Now i know u might say that putting cheats in could spoil the game, but after beating the game on the hardest difficulty, it really wouldn't be such a bad thing (imo). What i mean is that, after beating Loki on the hardest possible setting, i'd LOVE to have a godmode cheat (:P) and just pwning the CRAP, (pardon), out of every undead, barbaric, dwarven or godly being in the game. Just a suggestion, but think it over.

Went into my favorites. Great game. 10/10, 5/5.

Reminds a lot of good old hack'n slash game. Great graphics and animation as others said, and good choice for the soundeffects, music etc. Draw-Style reminds me a little from Legend Zelda's windwaker. (Espacally for the first Boss) Good work take well and hope to see more of youre works!

I really love the graphics and animation style. My only comment is that I'd like an option to pause because I'm trying to play this at work and I can't pause it so I keep dying everything someone comes to my desk lol. Oh by the way... "GulfWar"?...

With awesomely awesome graphics and art with attitude, superb fbf animation and fantastic music, this game is everything one could demand from a flash game.

When you add to this the very interesting bosses and variyng gameplay where you have to combine enemies with attacks, this game shots to the stars. Great stuff!

No review is complete without some critisism, but unfortunatly the only thing i could find was that those dragon-screeches (sp?) in dwarftown got a little irritating.

All in all: this is as close to perfect gaming as flash games ever get, so grand work, and don't hesitate to make more :D.

PS. This reminds me kinda of alien hominid. Thats nice.

A redhead viking, what more can you ask for? Kick-ass animation, the works. For those who don't know here's some stuff you may need to know.

Main boss lvl 1 you can whack the fire balls back to it.
The master driller dude you gotta whack the missles to get lightning :3

i thought i was invinsable i never new i could die (for good any way) but it was brillent iv added it to my faves and im giveing it a 5

That was fucking epic man. The art was really original, and the game play was spectacular. Brilliant.

Love the graphics. Love the theme. Controls are a bit clunky, makes it hard to turn and attack at the same time. Still, solid game.

*To beat the drill guy: Hack at his missiles until you charge up your lightning, then unload.

i got that far and die

I will be spending some time playing this one. I think the artwork is GREAT.

Hey the game is good. But the name of the game is the name of a main character in RA Salvatore books. I'm not complaining I just thought you might want to know.

Everything is just perfect sound,graphic,coolness. However it was a little hard i think, but thats a thing i can do something about (back to playing Wulfgaaaaarrrr!!!)

This game was so cool and hard to beat, grafics were great. I must say the bosses are easy once you get the game.

I like it, BUT it is DAMN HARD!!! lol

Would be nice to see more content, but GOOD GAME!!!

Damm this is great!! Really awesome!!
But i just think you need to put a pause or save function, pleaasseeee...
I had to close the game 3 time because the phone ringed, someone needed me or things like that, so i had to start alll over :'( really sad.
Although nice in every aspect, fluid movements, animation and great graphics. Nicely done, i can see a bunch of work went into it. Weel Done, hope to see a v2.0 :D

I like it! Little hard for me. I also like Scandinavian mythology:)

Pretty challenging and vikings own.

best game in NG

The graphics were amazing, the animations fluid and clean, and the soundtrack fit perfectly. Gameplay was solid and varied enough to keep me interested throughout. And to those that find this game to be difficult, just quit now.

The orc part was far too offensive, and since they spawn from all sides, its impossible to defend with out dying atleast twice. its a bit annoying, but other than that it was fun. for those who cant pass the viking ship monster, just shield and then hit the fire balls for a time. sorry!:D

Keep up the good work. The controls are simple to learn and the music fits the game very well.

It's a good game, i love the way everything is drawn. One problem though in my opinion is in the begging the enemies might be too abundant.

Cool game, but you weren't suppose to kill the viking that had no arms? Hope not ;P Keep up the good work though

The game is better than could be expected for something made in flash with a resonable filesize. Graphics are smooth and engaging. Programming creates a unique flow.

The viking theme is a welcome change from the typical in this type of game. The gaps between bosses aren't drawn out which ensure the player doesn't lose interest too quickly.

L really nice flash game l really liked it the characters the music and all the stuffs great job

A very fresh and original take on the action gerne of flash games, this is definitely going on my favorites. The only thing I noticed possible glitch wise was the first time I played it I got past the first boss no problem.(the one who never falls for the same trick twice) then another time when I was playing nothing I tried worked on him. maybe it's just an issue that my computer has with the game or something but I had to reload the game just to beat him again; This might have been what happened with Venth. I have yet to clear this game because every time I get into it something comes up and I have to stop playing, I've made to the dwarf level and as I was playing the boss at the end of the level I had to stop yet again, you may want to add a save system in, even if this game is short as people have said; can't hurt.
Great game never the less, I give it a well deserved 5/5.

Did you know that Wulfgar is the name of a character from a book series by R.A. Salvatore? He's a barbarian, I was just wondering if that was the inspiration. Good game though

the gameplay was a little limitated it would be cool if you could pull some combos and stuff at least there were a lot of enemies but sometimes it gets repetitive the art was what i really like a lot from this game although i would like to be something a little cooler than a dwarf looking viking that beard makes me feel im playing with an 50 year old character

A wonderful game.
Whenever I get to the part where there should be a dragon-boat, nothing happens. I just end up standing on the shore, waiting for it to appear.

That was pretty cool hack n slash, story was aright and the bosses that each have a weakness was pretty cool.

it wasnt an easy game :D it was really well thought out and the story was pretty good. only thing i wanna know is where did you get the sound effects for the mage chicks in the last level?

Venth. Try this. Guard his attack, use the D-key attack. Guard, S-key attack. Guard, jump, D-key attack. Guard, jump, S-key attack. If four hits doesn't work, continue with Guard, duck, D-key attack. Guard, duck, A-key attack. He should, hopefully, be dead by then.

Back on topic. Very fun, enjoyable game. Loved the animation style, too. 9/10. =)

That was fun, until I got to the first boss who was impossible. I used millions of combonations but none of them got through his impenetrable defense.

fast paced and quite clever, I like the combat

The game itslef is fairly short, but it goes well enough into the point. The Dialogue from the "Valkyre" never sounds too forced or cheesy.
I enjoyyed the dialogue from the Blind Giant, and his final request, it was a nice feature that gave him more personality.

I'd say that for future those typse of Boss moments could help the game a lot.

On the other hand, I found is that the movement speed of Wulfgar isn-t on par with his attack speed, but it is still manageable.

Other than that, it-s fairly well done.

uh... when i was fighting the sword ghost, he went off screen and never came back..... so..... cool.

pretty good though, i love side scrollers

Loved the artwork.
Loved the music immensely.
Loved the simple, on-your-toes gameplay.
Loved your take on Norse mythos.

I see immense possibility of turning this into a series of some kind, or making it go the way that Alien Hominid did.

All-in-all, amazing game, amazing job, 5/5, 10/10. Keep up the smashing good work.

very fun game with awesome grafix, sound, & animations. the enemies & bosses are cool 2. only 2 problems: u dont have very many different attacks, & the ability 2 save would be great. otherwise very good game. i expect 2 see this on the front page soon.

it's very good! but there was a spelling error, it should be decapitation. im 90% sure on this, but please correct me if im wrong. very fun game! ^_^

It was fun for while, but It got really frustrating really quickly. After I'd lightning a bunch of people would come in the time it took for Wulfgar to finish looking badass, so many that I couldn't block or attack so all I could do was get hit and wait to get another charge

and the 1st boss in the dwarf place made me very sad. Over. And over. And over. I could never figure out how to beat it.

not bad i couldnt get past the siege engine ... i knew how to damage it but just couldnt manage. aside from the limited attacks i actually enjoyed this game good job

This is an awesome game.

Nothing is terribly wrong with it. The tips are nice.

The dwarf subboss is pretty hard as it is the primary of the level, but I like them anyway.

The final bosses were kinda a let down because it was so obvious how to beat them.

...but hard X_x

Amazing artwork.
Intruiging bosses.
Decent Gameplay.

Makes for a pretty darn good game i must say.

well its pretty good, i like the graphics and the animation, yet...its very hard, bosses are imposible...maybe you should help the player or something, the mini bosses are hard too

Like bstone mentioned i feel the same way...

This game is amazing, and I loved it. Although the storyline wasn't amazing, it doesn't really need to be with this game. The graphics were great, and it was a really fun game to play. I liked fighting the bosses, and I'm glad that you didn't have a set amount of lives so you'd have to start over if you died. It made the game more fun. I liked the music and sound effects. I'm not really quite sure what else to say. Just keep up the great work!

pretty good animation but poor controls and the gameplay is way too hard...especially to not have any continues.

It really sucks to get hit by loki in his "real" form because it reverses your arrow key controls and switches your a and s for some reason until you kill one enemy. That really messed me up the first time i fought him. I was so mad i almost didnt retry and kill him. Its pretty satisfying how he dies.
The enemies that have to be killed by down slash are the most annoying because it makes you vurnerable to EVERYONE else who comes from behind, too slow to stnad up and run away in time.
Other than the glitches it was pretty fun having to actually figure out how to kill the bosses, and each unit actually. I was a little diaappointed that valhalla was so easy. Loki too. The level with that spellcasting fairy thing was more challenging than valhalla. I was confused about the story at first. If you are a viking, why would you be trying to kill your way into valhalla? I mean, thats where vikings go when they die anyways.

And then it turns out loki stole your wife or something and pretended to be odin? really really random. There should at least have been an intro cutscene or even a "story" option to read.

This review seemed to be mostly complaining... but besides the quirks i really did like the game's "figure out how to kill the main bosses and units" It was funny that you were told how to kill the minibosses but not the regular units.. Okay enough typing. 4/5, 8/10

well it has promise, the controls just need to be more responsive. his range needs to extend to the tip of his sword. Basically thats it, fix that and it can be a great game.

You cant make a game this hard when the controls are that unresponsive.

in the loki battle the controls mess up...

needs to be fixed... but it's a pretty awesome game

Yea it's an ok game.
I got mislead by the name though, thinking it might be about the fictional character created by R.A. Salvador, but it is obviously not.
Oh well nice job anyway.

great game good music that not bores , fluid graphics , and the game dont bores either cuz the things of the enemies being weak to certain atack. if you could make a sequel please doit :D . a sugestion mmm i feel the skeletons of the first lvl being more dificult than the last ones cuz the enemies of lvl 2 onwards can be killed with the same atack whops. simple and entertaining good mix :)

Its a great game.i thought it was cool the way u use thunda bolt!i beat it! fun and cool. gotta love the game.theres not many games wit vikings that r good. i think this is da best vikin game on flash!iot rules!!!!

Very well done game, Nice art, gameplay was amazing even though it got crowded at times. Very well thought out and you guys deserve alot of credit, speaking there ver few viking oriented games on newgrounds that are decent.

The game has to many zombies at once. I found the two attacks to similar.
Let me know when you have fixed this issue!!!!

The graphics were certainly stellar, though as always there is some room for improvement. Most notably, I think you would do well to improve the contrast between background and characters, for me at least they tended to blend a bit too much. I also believe the ground zombies were far too numerous. Also I didn't like that several enemies could occupy the same space at any one time. It makes it very difficult to use the correct attack when 3 different enemies all require a different one and they're all bearing down my nuts. The lightning was cool, though as always in this sort of game, upgrades are essential to keeping the players entertained and engaged. As long as there's one more thing to get, we'll keep playing. The gameplay itself was pretty good, fluid, and no bugs really that I found. I would like to see the pace of the game slowed down a bit, with more focus on 1-3 enemies at a time rathe than 7-10, that just is a bit much. Make strategy just slightly more important, and you've got a real winner here. Great job, 5/5 8/10

excelente mezcla de juego, la epoca de los vikingo fue una de las mejores historias que he visto en mi vida, mas la fuerza, el orgullo, y el valor, a lo que se enfrentan sin temor alguno al miedo, muriendo en batallas, muriendo por espadas, un buen uso de ambiente y sonidos al estilo vikingo me recuerda al clasico nes lost vikings, un tema muy relacionado y mejorado a mi gusto yo les doy un 10 asi que ni se preocupen votare mas por ustedes sigan haciendo este estilo de juegos flash, felicidades, y un placer jugarlo, me entretuve mucho y los dibujos ni me hablen, es lo mas loco que haya visto, me gustaria que me explicaran como fue que se les dio la idea de realizar este juego flash es fantastico respondande pronto en spanish o lenguage inglish

10/10, 5/5 good work. Now then, its a neat little glitch I found, and I dont know if others have found it as well. If you die and have your lighting power charged up, if you hit space at the right time before you come back to life, the power works with none of the animation, and you stay invisible till you either get hit or kill an enemy. Just thought you would like to know. But its a neat game, and I love it. Truly, you are an artist.

Did you REALLY had to say each bosses weakness AND MAKE IT SOMEHOW STAND OUT?!?!? Honestly half the fun in these types of games is wondering why this boss isn't getting hurt, then realize you have to do something in return. I mean for those who do want it easier, that's what walkthroughs are for. It took away any sense of intellegent acomplishment and just made this nothing but a hack N' Slash where a 5 year old could do it.

Btw: I probly didn't mind if there was for one level if it's really tough for even something as nonsensical as a flaming hobo who talks like a stereotypical homosexual "Like oh my gosh that mans not going to be hurt by physical attack, it seems like you have to use some sort of magic". THAT would be hillarious and make more sense than the bosses themselves to say "Yea, ummm well this guy is going to KILL you, but you can kill him IF YOU USE DIFFERN'T ATTACKS... ummm I shouldn't have said that shouldn't I?"

lol cool thing with the undead and nice, smooth game overall,

oh btw to the person two reviews below me

oh my gawd i thought joo was dead mindchamber, dam that lying stamper

I have to thank you for making such a well made game. The artwork was great. The animation was great. The story, though simple, fit the game well. I thought the difficulty was challenging enough. I died 1 or 2 times per level, but figured out a strategy I needed to use. I liked that you needed to use certain attacks for certain enemies all the time instead of randomly swingin' your sword at whatever. Man, I hate the archers after awhile. But overall, I really liked playing this game.

This game is definitely alot of fun. Awesome artwork and animation.

the mix your attack mechanic was unique and made the game feel different.
only gripe was how spammy the enemies tend to get given the space you have for attacking, mixing it up doesn't help when you are gettin arrowed from all sides from enemies onscreen and off. At times it made the game feel broken, and the lighting attack feels like a band aid mechanic to help you progress. lesser enemies on screen that were tougher would've allowed you to appreciate you how you have to mix up your attack to beat them.
But aside from that I loved it. keep it up.

I thought this was a well made game; the graphics were good, the animation was fluid, and the combat system was creative but simple and kept the game interesting.

The difficulty seemed fair- I died on nearly every level, but with a single retry each I figured out the strategy to progress. I also liked the story, which was strong yet simply told (and I have an interest in Greek and Norse mythology and folklore, so I guess that helps lol).

All in all, a simple but really fun action game. I bet i'll see it in the top 50 tomorrow lol

I am stumped at the level 3 boss. Dunno what to do against her. Any tips? Didn't see any clues about how to beat her.

Really cool game... but how the hell do you kill the red dragon thingy? :(

It's not a glitch. I died at the first boss and couldn't hit him either, but then I realized that you had to do something different to hit him each time. He was blocking everything probably because you guys didn't try jump-hitting or crouch-hitting. ^.^
Great game, by the way. Smooth, and well animated. very nice artwork, too.
Keep 'em coming! =D
Possibly a sequel..?

I really think you should have put which undead were killed by which attacks. I remember once when 2 green undead were surrounding me. I used D to attack them, but they wouldn't die, finally I used the other and I killed them. Also on the second boss, I think you spawn where his oars hit you which causes you damage before you even get a chance to block or counter an attack. Just needs some improvements. Also, Great Character Name! - 8/10 & 4/5 - KamiCosmic

I found the same glitch as the user below. If you die and then try again the first boss blocks every attack. good game though.

I've found a glitch though. If you lose to the first boss and then try again, he will block every attack even if you haven't done that one yet.

fun game and good graphics. i liked the challenge in it and how u get to keep killing them but the thing was you stayed in one spot just killing zombies and that gets boring easily. the game should of been more adventourus so i guess i'll give it a 7 (lucky number also lol) and maybe with the luck u will pass judgement

its good but it needs a point system or something

This is one great game. The art fits the game perfectly, and the controls are very good. Very nice game, I can't wait to see more from you.

this game is one of the better side scrollers ive played, seconded by alien hominid. yall did a great job!!!

i give u 9 stars dog that shit was pretty good homie.


If you wanna hear my comment, check out James Robb's message board. This game is classic!

kinda repititive but really fun I wanna see a sequel.

I don't know why it's taken people this many years to make a game where your a viking killing the undead (even though I don't see how that's possible but who really cares.) And the art was something you really don't usually see.
Good job.


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3.89 / 5.00