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The Commanders Sister

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Author Comments

A turret defense and warfare strategy game in which you have to prevent the enemy from reaching the northern part of the map. The game has many units, an complete storyline, and over 50 waves of attacks to keep you busy for a while..

[Change List]

[*] menu panel / main menu layout changes
[*] fast start mission xx button in story mode.
[*] faster load time, smaller file size (6->3mb)
[+] mouse scroll lock (for using arrowkeys)
[+] zoom, health, construction area buttons

[Credit List]

Verardo Fabrizio

Elsabeth Brenson
Michael Brenson
Alexander Grey
Sarah Kingins
Andrew Spark
Shen Ming
Zhu Fu Lin
Klena Pokrovskaya
Julia Brizé
Lorenzo Verardo
Farbrizio Verardo
Nadege Brizé
Jean-Pierre Dekacre
Qiu Shen
\Kao Liu
Sophie Larochelle

Beta Testing
Kao Liu
Quentin Grimau
Gregory De La Vingne
Nicolas Muller

Special Thanks
Guillaume Lalieux
Julia Brizé
Kao Liu

More info, or looking for the latest version?
www.thecommanderssister.c om

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Yeah, it was pretty hard to recommend this. What I didn't like was how I didn't have much money. I could only build four or five guns. I couldn't even take ONE of the enemies out. I still appreciate the graphics. They were well done.

I guess I must be doing something wrong. Then again, most people think this is mediocre. I agree with that. The sounds are pretty good. You get a good look of things at least.

A lot of effort put in... but...

Unfortunately a rather terrible game. The production values are high. You have fantastic art for the in-game stuff as well as sound, decent music and an okay plot that's one of the only contemporary plots I've seen. You have realistic environment and sounds, which is great. However, even production has some severe issues.

The English is terrible and the actors are a bit odd. They don't really come off as American at all and it makes the setting somewhat confusing as well as the plot interactions rather ridiculous. Actors, you might not be able to do much about, but you should've definitely had someone versed in English go over the script and at least clean it up some.

Music should have been used more during gameplay and cutscenes rather than just set pieces, and lack of music added to the general boredom I found with the later levels.

Moving onto mechanics... the interface is confusing, the HUD gets in the way of the right side of the map, and your options are extremely limited. Four types of units, repair, sell... and that's about it. When you consider games like Zombie Horde which allows free movement, or similar tower defense games with dozens of weapons... it's really kinda stale. Add more weapons. Add barriers, which are easy and basic, maybe command attacks like mortar strikes and helicopter runs.

As for everyone's complaints about difficulty? I found the first levels "just right." The map was intelligently designed to allow some difficult, but manageable killing and I got through the first nine or so without having to restart. However, when you brought in all the armored vehicles, you have this issue of units dying so fast that you have to either build new units, or heal old ones. There's no in between because money is sucked up so fast. And if a single unit goes past the cluster of guns you have to build, then suddenly you have to scrounge money to place a turret just next to the level exit.

Yes, I agree with everyone else. ONE HIT LOSE DOES NOT WORK!

The graphics and poor zoom level also make it hard to tell the units apart, making me unsure if I'm repairing an M60, or a vulcan... which becomes fatal when I'm frantically trying to repair a bunch of units getting pummeled by armored vehicles to preserve my "score." Also, being unable to repair if low on money was dumb. You should be able to repair partially. I think a system like click on a unit to repair $50 worth of damage per click would allow you to both save money and keep your units alive for longer.

So I guess that's that. A lot of effort is in the game, so I'm sorry to see it came out as disliked as it was. However, you have all your materials on hand, and you can definitely create a fantastic game with the resources on hand.

Needs Major Emprovment

I'm giving this game a rating a 2 sence the story line and graphic quality was decent, but what hurt the game was the fact you had no chance of winning even on a first level. Just one truck gets by its.... GAME OVER!!!! Unless the maker some drastic changes the game play where players have a better chance at success, I for one have a feeling this game wont last in the games archives for very much longer. Straght forword if your looking for a good defence game, you better look ells where then this game.


This game had a good potential: introduction to a story made it interesting (was eager to see the whole story), it had good graphics, the sounds were fun: you can hear the bullets hitting the metal making a metallic sound. But just like most people (if not everyone) said, it is WAY too hard just to kill 1 truck.

Sure the idea of just havin' 1 life is interesting, but the units are too hard to kill, makin' the game lose it's interest, since you can't advance the story when you lose.

Try again but make either the units weaker or make the first guns shoot faster: rate of 0.70 per second or makin' 'em stronger or somethin' like that.

But I can still say this: nice try, but it's not quite finished.


GGIBE [G]ood [G]ame [I]dea [B]ad [E]xecution.

Graphic: Very well done, it had a good feel to them. The tree's swaying, the trucks movement, even the collision of the guns going off.

Sound: N/A I did not have my headset on at the time of playing so I did not factor sound.

I read the other reviews and the challenge of not letting even one truck through added an element of urgency. But the problem of not being able to kill all the trucks, and a simple mistake of a single gun, made the game lack the ability to be played with any room for error.

IMO: the game should have a life system, if X amount of trucks get through then the game is over. As well the gun system is very "limited" this causes the "More of the same guns are better" effect.

I will give a 3 for the over all look of the game, but the feel of the game has killed it for me.

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2008
3:56 AM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place February 26, 2008