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Violent life Ch:1 Remake*

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Author Comments

Retrato's Commentary: Well after hard work from my buddy CapnChaos and some of my brain power its finally finished. The Remake of Violent life chapter:1 is here better than ever to! *So enjoy!*

CapnChaos Commentary: Hi there, capnchaos here. This is a remake of retrato's flash 'the violent life'. I'm sure i'm not the only one who couldn't stand it being a slideshow. Well, anyway, enjoy, and vote kindly.

Special thanks for the music: Xerxes-Sangco,Chronamut and Retrato(For credit's song)

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Well, this wasn't the worst thing I've seen

But definatly doesn't deserve the score 4.28... this is more in the ...2.0 catagory...

You should try harder with your flash, dont be such an A.D.D. kid, take your time, and make something we'll enjoy watching, again and again.

Retrato responds:

CapnChaos: I can't control the fact that I have ADD. You should be more sensitive to the conditions of others. As for the flash, It definately WAS the worst thing you've ever seen. This is the internet. Don't lie to spare my feelings. It sucks. We put so little effort into it that we don't remember making it. So next time you review, be honest. If you aren't, we'll hire elephants to rape you.


Heh, I rushed this so horribly...

Retrato responds:

How did you comment on your own movie o_O
Can I comment on it :D

Wow.........I mean wow.

That was pretty awful. They couldn't even move their mouths for talking? They kind of "barf" out each line...also, the running animation was a joke. It didn't even have a real plot. Music levels were way too loud....

I know you can do better, seems as though it was "rushed". Just my .02


Retrato responds:

CapnChaos:Well, this WAS extremely rushed. I didn't have much time for it due to school projects. That combined with my lack of a decent microphone, this ended in disaster. Me and Retrato are planning on a re-remake series of the violent life series. Thanks for pointing out flaws rather than say something like "This was gai fag 00000".

Hope you'll like our newer flashes!


Little funny like the part he threw up on that girl

And she ran out into a road and got swatted by a car.

And it did have a little interesting storyline
Overall: 8 stars, 5 vote (coz i am nice person, Unlike this guy below me VVVV)

Retrato responds:

lol ty, btw this was Retrato

Im not going to lie to you..

This was really bad. but not as bad as alot of things ive seen before. One comment. Why would the guy throw up? Does he prefer men?

Retrato responds:

This was really bad. but not as bad as alot of things ive seen before. One comment. Why would the guy throw up? Does he prefer men?