gamers paradise opening

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i learned new things so i tested them out and made this i had an idea to make a movie like this but i didnt have the program i asked scoot and he told me macromedia flash 8 so this is all thatnks to scoot from the us crew thanks scoot ^_^ thanks for the comments even though there not realy positive this is just the opening for the episodes im makeing just so you know later all the characters gain special abilitys its not just going to be zelda they travel to diffrent worlds gaining diffrent abilitys to deafeat a virus that is trying to take over the game world and the real world its just the virus hasnt shown itself yet.......it kinda feels like im getting yelled at T_T


Fully oringnal.

I agree with that last review, Link does look a tiny bit like a chick not that there's somthing wrong with that I mean that is really hot.
I'll give you a three because it was self drawn.

I guess it was ok

Well, the music didn't fit in too good, but it worked. You did some decent art and such, but at some moments Link looked too much like a chick,

not mildly entertaining

this was not good, i mean it is better than others... but i guess its as good as the work put into it. [hint:link has pantyhose]

besides the fact of no story... or explaination for anything...and horrible sound scripting.... and basic drawing....

the animation was pretty good


Art work was decent, and I think I got what it was suposed to be about, but wasn't completely sure, it was cute I'll give it that, but perhaps a little more plot and explanation was definately needed, but still mildly entertaining.

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2.52 / 5.00

Feb 24, 2008
2:27 PM EST
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