Smash Bros: Go Pichu!

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March 9, 2008: I get Brawl AND my flash was added to the collection? THAT'S AWESOME! Thanks for helping me get in. I really appreciated it! Now go on, and enjoy the game. It's been two years but the wait has paid off (except for Pichu of course :p )

Anyways, that brings us to the next question: Why didn't Pichu get into Brawl? Well let's find out!

BigK: Simon Cowell and Sakurai
StardragonBlue: Pichu
TheGFather: Miyamoto

Music: Listed at the end



I actually laughed at this one! I liked the meme reference towards the end!
Haha... Scouters are awesome.
But i wonder, was it REALLY over nine thousand?

Topaz989 responds:

Nope. The only one in this flash that was over 9000 was the Miyamoto lasers.

pretty good

liked the concept, only thing might be the voicing and animation a bit

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Very good but could have been a little different

I liked the whole premise of pichu asking to be in brawl and getting rejected. The only two things I would have changed or altered was I would have gotten someone better to do simon's voice and that I would have altered or even removed the little monolouge with Miyamoto. I felt that that monolouge was not understandable and a little weird. Other than that it was a great flash

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Topaz989 responds:

Thanks for writing up a review. Well, I tried several different people for Simon and he was the best one. He nailed his tone of voice and I liked his accent. It does have some static, but that's my fault. I'm not good with sound software. The Miyamoto montage gave me the most trouble when it came to put it together. Originally, it was alot longer and had more epic music. Due to the characters looking rather generic... it looked kind of stupid and I had alter it to a sort of "sermon" appearance. It was suppose to show off Miyamoto's eccentric, spastic, motivational side, it just didn't go well. However, I couldn't take it out because then I'm left with the big hole of "Simon's burnt to a crisp, and there's no reason to give Pichu a chance".

I think if I ever did have a chance to do this flash again, I'd still keep the Simon actor... work on sound software... but now that I think about it, I would change the monologue part.

Thanks for writing.

Edit: Woah, now that've seen it again, I didn't realize it did that weird echo effect on him. I'll try to get that fixed


that not pichu and nothing's funny

Topaz989 responds:

I'm sorry to hear that. I've been told my flash may not appeal to the deaf and blind.

^_^ good

nicely done.. pichu is cute ^_^

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Feb 24, 2008
9:29 AM EST
Comedy - Parody