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Smash Bros: Go Pichu!

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Author Comments

March 9, 2008: I get Brawl AND my flash was added to the collection? THAT'S AWESOME! Thanks for helping me get in. I really appreciated it! Now go on, and enjoy the game. It's been two years but the wait has paid off (except for Pichu of course :p )

Anyways, that brings us to the next question: Why didn't Pichu get into Brawl? Well let's find out!

BigK: Simon Cowell and Sakurai
StardragonBlue: Pichu
TheGFather: Miyamoto

Music: Listed at the end


really good

why did snake put salt on pichu and also really good idea with the dragon ball z thing wll keep it up

Topaz989 responds:

Copy and paste : "excel saga ED credits theme w/ sub" at youtube. Give it a few seconds and you'll see. I'm glad you liked my flash :D


Thank you for puting in my point. Pichu was faster then Pika. Had more atack power which is the reason he hert himsef. (Now that im typing this i realize pichu = emo) But why take him out Why!!!!!!!11

That was funny man!

you should do more, like (spoiler alert!) why they made young link into toon link. he's still a clone! seriously that was funny. keep at it!


I actually wanted Pichu in Brawl, maybe thats just cause I'm a Pokemon fan but I mean come on, Lucas got in! And ROB?! I was like WTF when I found out he was in Brawl. The ending was hilarious! Also was that ROB who salted Pichu the arm was mechanical so ROB is my best guess.

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Topaz989 responds:

Nope, not ROB. I know my art sucks, but I did my best to make that hand as human as possible.


lol it mkaes sence if pichu use electric attacks he damage himself so his ultimate attack..... blow him up XD o and the answer towho salted pichus head is below

Did anyone see...?"
by: Woahdood
date: March 11, 2008
Did anyone see the salkshaker above Pichu's head?

March 13, 2008
Author's Response:
I got a better question, did anyone see "who" salted Pichu's head? :D

it was snake isnt?

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Topaz989 responds:

It was Snake :)

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Credits & Info

4.32 / 5.00

Feb 24, 2008
9:29 AM EST
Comedy - Parody