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This is an action/adventure flash movie which utilises a combination of fast paced action sequences and a very flexible camera motion system with dazzling luminous effects to really emphasize the intensity of the action. It is all wrapped around an extremely well thought out storyline that I started a year ago about an enthusiastic vigilante called Angel, who forms a team of four women who are out to correct the wrongs that are going on in society. In this series there is a new threat, a new villain called "Setsuna" has gathered his henchmen to take over the city of Tokyo and then the rest of the world with a massive dooms day device. However, in order to power up this device Setsuna needs seven artifacts which once belonged to various gods in ancient times. What new adventure awaits our heroines? Find out in this exciting episode of New Female Force of Four.

Fun Facts:
<> Press spacebar to precede dialogue.
<> Dialogues can be a pain to read therefore this movie has "tons" of skip buttons which take you straight to the action sequences.
<> This movie is automatically set to "medium" quality. Right-click and adjust your quality to whatever suits your PC best.
<> Tons of action sequences.
<> For those who have not seen the previous four episodes, can "still" watch this because it explains everything, it's so awesome.
<> For the fight scenes I tried my hardest to "avoid copying" Proxicide's fighting style, hope it worked.
<> An awesome "sprite" movie.

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I watched this when I was a kid a long time ago and I fell in love with this series and de old team of 4 women.
Yep, good times...
I wish that you can finish this series some day
I'm rooting for you!❤

can tell me what name of that tekken hall of fate remix ? thanks


How can SNK dress Angel like that~?! I mean, doesn't she care about public opinions? lol, well I guess it's a game so we can't complain. Anyways, Sword of Sephiroth, Eternal Star, Golden Coin (Mario and FF7) references lol! 5/5

Liked it...

I think the whole grammar and storytelling through me off though.
It didn't feel... story like.
kinda felt like a friend was just recapping on his weekend, as opposed to like reading a book.

Also, setsuna getting carried off by his bird was LOL

I really like this

But it did not feel very consistent one second its awesome the next really
cheesy.Over all I really enjoyed it thank you.

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4.01 / 5.00

Feb 24, 2008
6:11 AM EST
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