Gaia Jigsaw

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Just a simple jigsaw.. i was bored lately



The game is great! But, it's an Memory Card Game, not an Jigsaw! But overall, it's just a great game!

really cute

This should probably be renamed, but it does get peoples attention when you name it after the Gaian game.

I have to strongly disagree with those saying this game is stolen. You probably should link to the site, to be safe, but this game does not exist on Gaiaonline.com in any way. It is rather long, maybe wider was a better idea simply because in order to play and see all the cards you need to open up the pop-up window. Very easy as well, but it's good for passing a few minutes.

I'd like to see it expanded upon, with more levels and harder avatars to match. You could always use TekTek.org to create your own avatars, then you're not copying anyone else. Or, another way to do it is ask people for the use of their Avi in the game. People would probably like it more that way. <3

The game was good

But I don't think Gaia's graphics are free-use.

Nice use of actionscript.

If you're looking to make a sequel, I can provide some pixel graphics.

Antriel responds:

these graphics are in pack for one flash game contest.. sequel? thx for offer but there is no meaning in making a sequel :D

Not bad.

Not bad at all. But this is not a jigsaw, this is a memory game. In a jigsaw you have to make a picture out of little pieces.

Antriel responds:

memory.. puzzle.. jigsaw.. matching... that english :D whatever.. :)


Uhm.. Gaia has his own Jigsaw..
And this is not Jigsaw.
BUt, you did make it yourself..

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Feb 23, 2008
2:34 AM EST
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