JibQuest 2-D

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Well after a good 50+ hours of building and constructing this game from scratch Part I is finally done.

JibQuest 2-D, a frustratingly hard platform game inspired by such games as Syoban Action and The Life Ending Adventure. It isn't just a barrage of traps however, it does take a good amount of acquired skill, and there are plenty of secrets in the game just waiting to be found. Even though the controls are impossible to miss, I'll put them here anyway for the people who don't take the time to read ingame:

Arrows: Move
Space: Shoot
R: Restart after Dying (this is important :D)
M: Toggle Music
K: Suicide

The game is SUPPOSED to be hard, so don't go giving me 0's because you're lazy and you can't get past the second screen! But at the same time, it's very doable, and IMO entertaining, you can't lose, so not like its impossible! Well, let me know what you guys think of it and I'll make sure to incorporate some suggestions into the sequels of this game. Although the sequels won't really be sequels, more like continuations, and the reason I split it up was because I figured if it was all together, and the game is so hard, that no one will ever put the time into seeing the last stages of it (IWBTG anyone??), and I want people to enjoy every part of this game :).

So a big thank you to all the testers who helped me and and a good luck to anyone about to embark on the adventure of playing this game!

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make it easier

Hard yet fun.

You've definitely succeeded at the art of the Nintendo Hard platformer. My only real complaints are with the music (something a little action-y sounding might have served it better IMO) and the gratuitous Engrish, though I have the feeling that the latter was intentional.

*sigh* meh

i hate frustrating games. but i still gave it over a 4 so u should be happy. -_-
and what the hell am i playing AS? IWBTG is way easier

Good job!

great stuff! not up to IWBTG, though, but i can assure this is one of those games that people often bash just because of the graphics and dont actually take the time to play, or to find the fun in it. reminiscent of classic plataforming games. good job.

I wanna be the guy?

Great game, lacks the quality of IWBTG imo. A little bit more and the controls could be similar to IWBTG. Otherwise a good game.

PenguinBomb responds:

Yeah, this game pales in comparison to IWBTG, but Jibquest 3.0 (sequel to this game) is amazingly awesome, it's too bad I'm a lazy bastard and can't get around to finishing it.

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3.98 / 5.00

Feb 23, 2008
12:47 AM EST
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