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Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun

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Feb 23, 2008 | 12:17 AM EST

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Author Comments

A BIG OL' UPDATE: It's March 2009, and I'm contemplating making a sequal of this :D
Thinking about recreating the graphics to (hopefully!) run smoother AND look nice at the same time. The big problem I had with this was that my graphics killed the framerate so I had to oversimplify them.

I'm going to get some powerups going, jack up the scale, make the flash size/resolution a bit larger, among other things. Difficulty will stepped up a notch as you progress also.

On top of that, this game has about an hour of gameplay worth in it before new things stop getting introduced, I'd like to up that time :)

SOME UPDATELIKE STUFF: Well a few things I need to clear up to everyone: For starters, the graphics I had to lower at one point down to pretty simple geometric shapes because the original graphics were creating ungodly amounts of lag (they used to be WAY more detailed)
Also, I'm starting to think people are clicking like crazy, you can just click and hold to fire, you will fire at your weapon's level of fire.

This game took me approx. 6 months to complete

***BIG NOTE: This game gets graphic intensive very quickly! Best run on Low quality***

This is it! My Side-Scroller/RPG hybrid is finally done!
Like any RPG, you start off relatively slow and weak, with a terrible gun, but as you take out enemies, you steadily can raise your stats and become unstoppable, but beware, your enemies do the same!

PLEASE DO NOT judge this game by the first couple minutes of gameplay: It gets INSANE after about 500 kills, and once you hit the 1k mark, things are just plain rediculous. New enemies all the way up to around 5000 kills!

If you feel the need to pause the game, click Return to Base, it won't harm your stats or anything, just takes you off of the battlefield to boost your stats and heal up if neccesary

Increase Intensity was originally for debugging of sorts, but I decided to keep it in there as a sort of Continue option, or a boredom burner

So there you have it, play, have fun, destroy anything that moves...or anything you can forcibly move ;)

ps: now that this is done, I can now go about working on Roger Roger Shorts again \o/

EDIT: If you want to see a quick screenshot of what things are like after around 3.5k kills, here ya go: http://acidculture.15.for ure/ g

Deadly weapon, crazy speed and defense, and an insane fire rate :D



Rated 5 / 5 stars

To everyone who bashes this game

Read what he answered to the other reviewers, this game had much better graphics but they had to be toned down due to the over-the-top chaos that is... Well, just try increasing intensity A LOT of times (as in, get to 1K kills without actually killing anyone), buy lotsa stuff (and I do mean lotsa stuff) and go into the game.

It's bat **** insane!!! Anyone who doesn't love this game should be hanged.

TheComet responds:

I'm glad someone finally actually read the things I keep saying :D


Rated 5 / 5 stars


i would give this game 1000000/10 if i could! once i got the guns range and lvl max, i went crazy with attack! i could do this forever! i finally got bored at 400 hp/930 attack/100 defense/11 speed

the most any enemy could do was 0-13 damage, and i killed the giant block thingies like nothing! this was the most awesome game ever, MAKE MORE NOW!i!i!i! :DDDD


Rated 5 / 5 stars

hella tight!

This is a hecka fun game! its so addicting and just the right difficulty.

i liked how you could go to the base anytime you wanted and you can change the difficulty when you needed.

all in all a graeat game!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is officicaly my favorite game!

It's just really easy, fun, exhilarating, etc.
Even though the graphics were not the best, I still greatly enjoyed this game, and I played it for what i think may be a few hours! :)

Great job!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I got to 50,000 kills

It's insane at that level. at least 5000 health and even more attack points.

TheComet responds:

I bet, at 5000 you get a couple tanks at a time to deal with, about 15 soldiers of all 3 types on screen at once, upwards to 50 landmines and 4 tank mines at once, and up to 10 walls/barriers at once

This isn't Sparta, this is Madness :D