Phantom Mansion: Indigo

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Hector is nearing the end of his quest to clear Prospero's Abbey from the curse of the Red Death.
In the Indigo Dungeon he encounters a devious dwarf jester by the name of Hop-Frog.
Hop-Frog loves gold and will steal keys from Hector.

Chase Hop-Frog through the dungeons avoiding the Skeletons and Zombies.

Rescue the tormented souls and dispel the curse of the Red Death.

Good luck.

Arrow keys to move. Space to pause



I've played all your others until the end. The only thing that disappointed me in this edition is the fact that it will not load after finishing the last (and extremely time-consuming) last mission. Maybe I need to clear out temp-files or something.

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Fantastic game!

Very, very challenging!

I've gotten about eight or nine levels done....going to come back and try for more. The puzzles are nice and difficult, there's a level or two I've skipped for now that I just can't quite figure out :P

I love this series! But...

I think I found a glitch on North, East, South, Jest. I think it's due to the keys. Going through the walls I grabbed the Square key, then I went towards Hop-Frog who then stole it. Then I followed him to the end hall where he turned and went down the pathway. Then he clicked the switch and I grabbed the Cross Key. I contined with the level (I pushed the box into the gap where the other 2 skulls side-by-side were)
Then when I came back to get the other key, I backed Hop-Frog into a corner, but he didn't move up. (I was on top of Hop-Frog while he had the key!) I can't complete the level due to this. Then again it might be because you can't get two keys (Without Glitching). If it's me I'd like to know, If it really is a glitch, then please try and fix it, I love this series! Also Hop-Frog is a great new twist, I can't wait for the other one! (Or two I forget). Whatever, it's probably me, so I'll try and beat it again. Sorry for the long complaint, I just thought I'd let you know!
Still - 10/10 & 5/5 - KamiCosmic


teas was fun and sort of a littel like swagman a playstason game but still i hade a hard time at the game out of 10 levels i only did 4 levels

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Liked this one more than the blue version. The confusion potions were more of an annoyance in case you had a mindslip and accidently walked into a pit.

Noticed a couple glitches where sometimes Hop-Frog would get stuck in a corner, allowing you to just walk up to him and get your key back. Seems to happen most often in lower right corners.

I'd say Hop-Frog looked more like a goblin than a dwarf. Where's his burly beard!

Keep up the good work, look forward to the next one.

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3.51 / 5.00

Feb 22, 2008
12:50 PM EST
Adventure - Other