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Phantom Mansion: Indigo

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Hector is nearing the end of his quest to clear Prospero's Abbey from the curse of the Red Death.
In the Indigo Dungeon he encounters a devious dwarf jester by the name of Hop-Frog.
Hop-Frog loves gold and will steal keys from Hector.

Chase Hop-Frog through the dungeons avoiding the Skeletons and Zombies.

Rescue the tormented souls and dispel the curse of the Red Death.

Good luck.

Arrow keys to move. Space to pause

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The Sixth Part - Interesting

I thoroughly enjoyed the addition of "Hop-Frog," the impish key thief. He was definitely one of the more frustrating of the "installment specific puzzle enhancers," although the difficulty of this set as a whole seemed less than the Fifth installment (The Blue Ballroom).

That being said, it did seem to run slightly slower than the previous parts in the Phantom Mansion series, and there seemed to be a little bit more lag than usual. Not sure if this was the game itself or my computer, but it was annoying. It didn't affect gameplay too much (except in sections that required quick action), but it was something that detracted slightly from my enjoyment of this section.

The puzzles, however, were still top-notch, and the final puzzle, like in the past few parts, was a doozy to figure out. I can't wait to play the final two chapters of Phantom Mansion...I can only hope they are as entertaining as the first six!

8 - Recommended

very good

^^ it was a good game, very much the same as gauntlet except with a different story line... I enjoyed the simple-ness that surrounded the game like the controls & look of the game. The only thing that let it down was probably the fact it was slow. It could have been just my computer but it took a while for the scrolls to be enlarged on screen. If it is a bug, please fix it as soon as possible cause i did really enjoy the game.


I've played all your others until the end. The only thing that disappointed me in this edition is the fact that it will not load after finishing the last (and extremely time-consuming) last mission. Maybe I need to clear out temp-files or something.


boring as a dead dog

Good game overall

So, I'll admit, I'm quite drunk as I write this. However, keep the following in mind:
1: People are fucking morons: "This game was only 4 levels long."
2: People are fucking morons: "Word of advice...puzzle games are meant to have ways of killing yourself in case you do something wrong, try looking in to that."
3: People are fucking morons: "all in all i lasted about 5 seconds in the game until i got bored"

I really like the puzzle game you've concocted, though I feel there hasn't been many improvement over its many variations. Albert (my cat) agrees (he likes to lick things). Um... anyways, I've had some trouble finishing the last level (not entirely due to beer, i have tried it sober), and I've found one thing I'd like would be a way to look at the entire level without moving the hero. There have been several occasions where I had wished that I could have viewed the layout of the next section before jumping in (boxes in long hallways, for instance).

I have over 3000 character remaining, who the fuck really gets anywhere close to this limit? Seriously, I've written a fucking lot and I'm nowhere close to hitting the limit. Except I'm not the usual poster of "I'm a tool and think your game sucks because it was too (hard,easy) and don't care to consider its point of how it was designed." Considering, though, this is the main reason I don't believe it deserved a higher score. It's a good puzzle game, but it is neither innovate nor intriguing. It would be nice to create a puzzle game that can adapt to the level of difficulty of the user, so that stupid people wouldn't find it too hard and smart people wouldn't find it too easy. Granted, I don't exactly know the processing power available to flash game in running AI engines.

PS: People are stupid. Seriously, I took an intro biology course, and every midterm was a 40-question multiple choice test (5 options). Statistically, you'd get 8 correct by guessing randomly. Every test several people scored 4-6. WTF?! Congrats, you're dumber than a monkey...

Credits & Info

2.30 / 5.00

Feb 22, 2008
12:50 PM EST