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once again yes... I put up a short animation...
Flash filters are new for me I have never used them before (now i know how you people put your cool effects with the text and stuff...)
but yeah As well as flash filters I also tried out some fighting sound effects which I never use
Anyways Tell me what you think based on the use of filters and FBF animation

Also... I am getting a graphics tablet either Saturday or Sunday so once I get one you will see a transition from stick movies to more cartoon character movies...

Ps dont forget to check out my profile

UPDATE: oh shoot i think i uploaded the wrong i file im going to redo it my bad :(

extremly sorry peoples i exported the flash in a way that it didnt show the blur and glow filters that i worked so hard on ;) but i fixed it now :p
now all the pplz that already saw it have to rewatch it :(



You should increase FPS. And make it longer.

Filters and Sounds

All in all, not a bad test, but not a whole lot to write home about.

Please, in future submissions, minimize the camera shaking effect... while it's a great way of punching up action by making the hits seem harder, the way you used it here, it began to generate a headache. (Fortunately, the animation was short enough that it didn't succeed in giving me one.)

Otherwise, I hope your experiment taught you what you wanted to learn from it.

Good start

Good start, you should try improving this/make it longer.

Not a bad FBF

I like the sound effects, and the FBF animation is pretty great. I'm using FBF for my up-coming production as well, and I know how much of a hassle it can be. Ooooh.. lookey here, I voted a 5 and it said "Congradulations, your vote was the last needed to protect this submission" well, congradulations, Someguy127... keep up the FBF and I hope to see the more "cartooney" artwork you talked about. ;)

someguy127 responds:

Hey thanks, it turns out i uploaded the wrong file ha but now its fixed

Very... DBZ style

The shooting of energy balls out of hands and zero-g kicks are really 90's. I don't really think you need a tablet to draw good movies or characters; I personally don't use my tablet much except for explosions, but that's me. I would like to see your tablet movies, because some of your stick figure movies are actually ok like this one. My only problem with these movies is that they have no theme. If you want to test filters you can still have a plot it doesn't have to be random.

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Feb 21, 2008
10:16 PM EST
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