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Originally, this wasn't going to be a full game but I decided to release it anyway. The graphics aren't very good and the coding is a bit sloppy but it's still playable and I'll fix it if I make another version.

I know some people won't bother reading the instructions so here are the controls:

LEFT + RIGHT arrow keys - Movement
UP arrow key - Jump
SHIFT - Switch between your two playable characters
SPACEBAR - Rope up to your other character from a lower ledge

If anyone has any level/feature suggestions for the next version (if I make one), I'll be happy to include them if I can.



I like the rope thing. Only thing you could work on is the graphics, and the music coming back on every new level if you mute it.

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i love the idea

you just need to throw in a little more content.u know what i mean.also i think you should make players be able to switch between characters while playing


Reminded me of Kwirk a little only without the block pushing. It's still bugged though. The pass through blocks don't work quite right. On the level that has an upside down T, I fell through the top of the chunk without ever touching the blue dot. Also, on the level select page if you scroll up it goes nowhere and if you scroll down it removes the list of the first four stages so you can only get to level 1.

Aside from that it was a really fun game and I'd love to see a debugged version and/or sequels.

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I liked the game, but if it had a story, it would be better. Also, try to fix the glitches.

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pretty cool

I gotta say, about the only thing that could make this better is having enemies to fight or mayby a co-op two player/race mode

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4.10 / 5.00

Feb 20, 2008
9:57 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle