Chaos Sonic chp 2 Trailer

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EDIT: 2/12/09
If you see this, then you should see the actual movie, it's out by the way.
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/475735
You're still free to see this.


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omg dude that was awsome. i just can't wait until the full 2nd chapter comes out. keep up the good work

knuxrouge responds:

Chapter 2 is in production, expect it.


no offense but the guy below is right bout earthworm. but he'ss been doing this since like 2000. so dont expect to be as good as him soon. but hey maybe you will be

knuxrouge responds:

You have no clue how long I've been doing flash.
You also don't take into account that you have no clue how fast of a learner I am.
And to top it all off, you said nothing about my flash, if you wanted to just talk about how much "Earthworm pwnz me", then you should have PMed me.
This space is used for reviews, not for agreeing with other people's opinions about another flash artist.


yea your good but uhmmm earthworm is better but trust me with some more work u could dramatically surpass him and ur not tht far bahind either so...
when is ep.2 coming out 2 cause im highly anticipating it

knuxrouge responds:

Haha, yeah.
Earthworm is a bit better, but I believe we (The SFC) is in his league.
Chapter 2 is in production.

very good trailer

now I have a new computer so woot for not lagging btw my complaints about the other were just my computer so woot again anyway good job keep up the good work and good luck with forming the bvg.

knuxrouge responds:

Go to the flash portal or my userpage, the BVG is finished and submitted.
Go give it your support.
And thanks for your review and understanding.


Do u make a trailer so like the ones in T.V. Dat is spectacular graphics and designs
evry1 does dare part at the right time
Kool Nice job man!

knuxrouge responds:

I make a trailer for two reasons.
To get people excited.
And to let them know that the flash in question, is currently being planned or is in production.
I don't know about spectacular graphics, but I try to put my all in it, as much as I would if I was actually doing the whole flash, which I am doing.
Thanks for your review.

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Feb 20, 2008
5:55 AM EST
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