Superhuman: SDO Day #1

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Superhuman: Super Dance-Off
Day #1: Aquaman

Inspired by AfroUnderscoreStud's series Adolf Hitler in Catching ('em) All in 493+ Days. This series follows all of the world's Superheroes AND Supervillains as they both compete for the title of Dance Champion of the World. This is the third and final installment of the series.

We start the tournament off with a dance routine from Aquaman.


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ideas worth mentioning

why did you make this flash? I admit it is a little decent and all. It isn't exactly your fault some people don't like it. but perhaps in the future you do something more... likely to be more popular, try a game or a funny show

Chaz-o responds:

Thre are alot of reasons as to why i create this and other flashes... mostly because it makes me happy and it raises my overall flash count.

I have no problem with the fact some people dont like my flashes.... i dont expect everyone to.

Im plenty popular already.

And i have tried my luck at games'n such but i like submitting flashes like this. But when i finally decide to create a "good" flash ill call you :P


you really need to stop backchatting the other reviewers. Just cos someone gives u contructive criticism dosent mena u have to go and annoy them. Just say thx and ill try to improve and not get like a whiny git.

Chaz-o responds:

So for example: You want me to accept reviews like the person under this one made without question, even thoe it insults me AND my flash with vulgar and profanity.

In your words "Just cos someone gives u contructive criticism dosent mena u have to go and annoy them."

A review with "Gay" or "Shit" is 98.23% of the time not constructive at all and is mostly a quick 7-10 word sentence that states how little the reviewer understands about said flash and how "Crappy" they think it is. Infact ATLEAST 70% of reviews consist of this type.

Most of the time when people try to give their "opinion" as to how i should make my flashes i reply by explaining that it is perfect just the way it is... UNLESS they actually try to help make the flash better such as in this case "needs better music to fit the dancer" or other stuff of the sort, then i try to make it better if it convenient. But when people review with things like "You need to learn how to animate" or "Please stop making flash" that contain no helpful advice or anything, am i in the wrong to "backchat" them with their useless reviews?

Is it that hard for people like you and people like the guy under me to realize that flashes such as this do not have or need any point and are not to be taken seriously?

Also you say "Just say thx and ill try to improve and not get like a whiny git."

First of all... WTF is a "whiny git". But besides that, i refuse to idoly accept poorly written reviews that are of no use by people who do not even have flashes of their own and cannot even phathom the sheer complexity that is the creation of a flash (lol @ big words). And whats the point of lieing to the people by saying that "ill try to improve" when i obviously wont? Flashes like this are made this way because they are easy to make and even easier to edit without changing the basic idea.

Im only sad that there are people like you who try to defend these reviews...

But i wouldnt have it any other way even if i controlled the universe :P

Thanks for watching :D


that made me want to go outside and do something, with bringing my PSP, that was so horrible, learn to make a good movie

Chaz-o responds:

By the looks of this poorly constructed review i think you need the exercise.

Trust me... i know what im doing.


It just repeats?

Its nothing original and frankly doesnt show off what flash animation can do.

Heres what i think you could do to improve it =]

- Make more then just cut outs. I mean having aqua man "pulse" back and forth to music that sounds like a nintendo adventure game doesnt really entertain me.
- I guess you did work in the whole see through arrows thing so ill give that a point.
- The back ground was rather uninspired. Just a single set picture of a reef. Maybe next time you could put (even if its just a small loop) of people cheering and stuff in the back ground for him, it would make it seem a little more involved then it already is.

Sorry dude. 1.

Chaz-o responds:

Your complaint has been registered and is now being examined by professionals.

Credits & Info

3.61 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2008
12:24 AM EST
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