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* Thanks for front page on our first game together! *
*Updated, see notes below*

Counting sheep, sounds boring doesn't it. It is, don't even try it.

No seriously, we think the simplest games are always the most fun. The first few levels are just to get you used to the gameplay, but a few levels in you'll find yourself barely able to keep up. Have fun, and don't forget to blink.

*If you want your score submitted, you must lose.

v1.2 -
-Tweaked the difficulty. The game gets harder slightly faster and will be harder overall. This is especially true of Hard mode.
-Added a working preloader.

<rant>Please update to the latest Flash player. Many bugs which were in the initial release of AS3 (Flash 9.0) have been quashed in the new revisions. I have had to implement several work-arounds in this game. As other devs move to AS3, it will be important that users keep up with their updates, especially because AS3 is so new. Update here: http://www.adobe.com/shoc kwave/download/download.c gi?P1_Prod_Version=Shockw aveFlash</rant>

Note: We've had a few reports of the sheep failing to appear when you start the first level. I'd say this problem affects very few users. We've been unable to replicate this on any of our machines (win/mac). Please try restarting the game. Also, make sure you have the latest flash player installed (Version 9,0,115,0) You can check your version here - http://www.adobe.com/prod ucts/flash/about/

Programmed by Nicholas Barrios
Art by Kevin Barrios (Buzzwerd)
Music by Stephanie Fung

Sponsored by Armor Games.



It was ok. I got through 17 levels trying... and another 16 without paying any attention and just guessing at the end. Otherwise I would have given it an 8 or 9

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Good Game

I got no more than 2 off any time but after level 38 I got way too bored so i lost on purpose and ended up rank 44....prob wouldve gotten up to top 10.

Suggestions include making each level give u a higher score and have it get harder quicker because counting endless sheep made me start yawning 2hrs after a 10hr sleep

Nice originality

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Nice but boring

I got to level 25 when I got bored and exited. Overall it's fun and the black sheep make it challenging, but counting sheep is supposed to make you go to sleep, and I almost did! :P Just kidding.

Good job though, everything ran smoothly and the graphics and sound were top notch. Put this in a more exciting game and I'll enjoy it.

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The first five rounds were okay. The next 17 were not. It seemed like the same thing over and over again. Nothing kept me interested. Maybe if something new had been introduced to the game in every level I could have continued to play. Thank you for your effort. The sheep were very cute. You get a 5/10.

mwhaha lol

is nice
i like

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3.82 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2008
8:55 PM EST
Skill - Other