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Hey everybody, this is my latest game, Bounce Coil. The game sprouted from an idea my friend had that was pretty much him just saying "Dude, imagine pong, but in a circle." Obviously I've expanded that idea into this, and I hope you enjoy it. All of the music in the game was made by theWaveS, and he is so totally awesome at composing music, I seriously suggest checking his work out (via the link on the left).

Left and Right (arrow keys): Move
Space/Enter: Pause

Be sure to go to the options to select different themes to play with. ;D

Well, have fun! And be sure to visit Psy City!


Now I don't see what they're all on about

Or in other words, Curse you laws of motion! Yeah, those things do get on the nerves, like, alot. I also checked out the music and stuff, so, HEY EVERYONE! GO BUY NOW! Yeah, anyways, the game, the game....uh...what was I gonna say about that? Oh yeah, legend in a tin! I really like the idead although it is still essentially pong in a ball, maybe you should do a sequal and make it like Breakout in a ball, but who am I to tell you what to do =P.

Hammerypart says: Cya later! Yeah, that review was kinda sucky, so i'm gonna leave before I embarass myself....Or did I just do that?


sorry man but i just didn't feel it. Didn't like the block graphics and it started too slow. Fun for a couple tries. You should have made this with a bunch of other games, that would have been like and 8 or 9.

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Sorry to tell you, It's been done.

There's a game called 360, which is basically the same thing, but they added brick attack into it. I liked the music.....which wasn't yours, but you knew that. Good selection anyhow.


It's fun, but I think it's too small to function as a game all by itself.

It's a decent game

Although the controls are a bit awkward, the concept is very unique. I'd suggest mouse control if there is a next one and possibly non-sprite artwork (not that sprites are bad, it's just that they aren't necessary for a game like this).

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3.40 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2008
3:34 PM EST
Puzzles - Other