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It's 2am, gran is in the kitchen making her famous cottage pie...it's a disaster waiting to happen! Your house catches fire and it's down to you to save the family. Using a variety of items (and a bit of quick thinking) you need to get all your family in to the safe room before its too late. You have a maximum of 3 minutes, and every second really counts!

Some of you retro gamers may recognise the Sinclair Spectrum style of this game. We added a bit of classic 1980's computer game sparkle for added effect. Dig those loading screens, marvel in that loading sound, but don't waste too much time on it, remember...grans on fire in the kitchen!

Its the second time this game has appeared on Newgrounds, It was up for a day last year but the men in suits made us pull it. Now they are happy and so are we. Enjoy

1980's style



You should do some more levels. It's pretty cool. Tedious at first, but then it begins to get pretty easy. Overall, I think it was a great experience.

Don't read on if you don't want to know how to beat it!
Go downstairs, and grab grandma. Get out of the kitchen, closing the door behind you, then kick the skateboard out of the way. Go into the living room, and grab the cell phone off of the couch, then go upstairs after closing the door behind you. Go into the bathroom, walking slowly past the bathtub, and grab both the first-aid and the towel. When you exit, use the towel with the bathtub, and close the door behind you. Use the cellphone, and go upstairs, dropping grandma in the rightmost room of the third floor. Go back to the second floor, and pick up the kid there along with the key. Close the door behind you as you go back upstairs to drop the kid off in the same room as the grandma. Now, rush into the girl's room, and pick up the inhaler. Wake the girl, and have her follow you into the same room (being sure that you close both the girl's and the rightmost room's doors.) Crawl to the door, and use the damp towel. Stand up, and walk to the window, and shout out it. The firemen come, and your family is safe :)

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This game is very easy, but for the people that cannot complete. Use this walkthrought.
1.- First for all, go to save grandmother, the fire can kill him in less that 30 seconds. donĀ“t forget to close doors after exiting the room.
2.- Go to the principal door and got the phone (before kick the scooter with "z") Use the phone to wake up the mother. Leave the grandmother in mother room.
3.- Go to the second floor and go to the bathroom, crawl here for no tripping with water. Got the towel in the shelf and exit the room. Use the towel in the bathtub to get wet towel. Close the door
4.- Go to the other room andwake up the brother. Got the key and exit the room. Close the door (again). Leave the brother in mother room.
5.- In third floor, go to the sister room and wake up her. To the left to the shelf get the inhalator. Exit the room. Close the door. Leave her in mother room. In half path, your sister stops and lose health, use the inhalator in her to continue.
6.- CLOSE THE DOOR OF THE MOTHER ROOM TO AVOID BACKDRAFT. go to the window and use the key.Once the window is open, push "z" for ask for help. While the helg is coming, use the wet towel in the door.

The game is finished. Enjoy with my walktrought.

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i remember this from the first time on NG, still a great game!

I love it

It's retro, and who doesn't like that? The whole escape thing is pretty much an undiscovered jem in the flash world, as not much has been done around it sense warebears. It's enjoyable and has quite a bit of replay value.
I have one question though, when I opened the window, and had everyone up except the sister, flames burst through the upper house, is this because of oxygen flow, or is that the only end? I haven't tried closing the door first, but thats because there isn't enough time to wake them all up, get them in the room and close the door etc...

Matmi responds:

Have you used the towel?


I realy like this i got everyone out of the house somehow but it took me a couple of times but i got it in the end!

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Feb 18, 2008
11:31 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle