Survivor - (Fire)

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It's 2am, gran is in the kitchen making her famous cottage pie...it's a disaster waiting to happen! Your house catches fire and it's down to you to save the family. Using a variety of items (and a bit of quick thinking) you need to get all your family in to the safe room before its too late. You have a maximum of 3 minutes, and every second really counts!

Some of you retro gamers may recognise the Sinclair Spectrum style of this game. We added a bit of classic 1980's computer game sparkle for added effect. Dig those loading screens, marvel in that loading sound, but don't waste too much time on it, remember...grans on fire in the kitchen!

Its the second time this game has appeared on Newgrounds, It was up for a day last year but the men in suits made us pull it. Now they are happy and so are we. Enjoy

1980's style


If only all educational games were like this

See, if informative games were fun and relevant like this one, kids wouldn't be embarrassed to play them--and learn a thing or two. I'm 26 and had great fun playing it, taking a few tries to finally solve it. I'll probably give it a few more tries now to beat my time.

Good stuff.

Matmi responds:

Seems we have the balance right. It is educational but fun.


Great game it was excellent i couldn't stop trying again... but i got into the girls room and put the towel there... whats the key for? i couldn't do anything afterwards...

anyway great game well done


man that is hard but still fun, I can't even get passed the first lvl, the stupid people keep dying.


SWEET GAME!! It does have that awesome 80's appeal. But if you really need to beat a level, just right click and click forward.

Good game, informative and helpful too.

I liked this game, it was a bit irritating to figure out, but don't worry about it too much and keep trying and you'll get it.

If you want to play this game and get the most out of it, I suggest you don't use a walkthrough. Here's some hints if you want them.

1. The skateboard CAN be avoided.
2. Some doors are locked, don't sit there and try to open them.
3. In order to win the game, you'll need to get an item from the bathroom that isn't the medical kit.
4. All items are required to win the game.

A few tips-
-Every second really does count, don't stop moving.
-Shutting doors will definitely buy you some time when it comes to smoke.
-While you're getting items and waking up family members, put whoever you've already gathered in a closed room away from the fire.

Good luck!

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3.40 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2008
11:31 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle