Ytown Public 4

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I've worked on this for a month so please be platient and wait for the "large" movie to load. It's a great episode! Contains all Ytown Public elements - Crazyness, Humour, Plot and Animation!

Story: It's a bird, it's a plane... no it's a space ship with Barbara and the Bear. Shit, this story just keeps getting better.

This time I have had many NEWGROUNDS-visitors voices added. Thank you all for you help. Without you the voices would all stink!

I will respond to all cool reviews :) The reviews is the mere reason I make these series!!!



This is a very nice series this is like a huge bump in the series where it's standings, quality of animation and the sound seemed to improve the most. Episodes 4,5 and 6 are VERY big improvements from the rest of the series.

I like this much

This is a really cool series. Each episode gets better and better. Some of the artwork and effects are awesome. The only complaint I have is about the line quality (it is too jagged for my taste), but if that is the style you want-who am I to nitpick? The 3D, especially the ship was really well done. This series is funny and odd, just like I like it. The Bear and AL have to be my favorite characters. Keep making more, please.

McRhyme responds:

You like MY effects? Wow, that incredible, I didn't even realise I use effects. The 3D ship looks crappy! But doing it what way made me better so I can make it better for future episodes! About the lines, yes I use FAT lines, infact I never use LINES in the finished movie. I only use lines to draw fields to shade on the character and then I dubble click on them and delete! One small exeption is Fred's hair, it contains some conture lines so I could shape tween it! AL's voice was made by Jeff!

I hear spell-checking doesn't kill anymore. . .

Why can't people who have otherwise-great entries just take a little extra time & make sure the text is alright? It was, literally, the only thing wrong with this entry! . .

McRhyme responds:

Men sen är det ju så att jag är ifrån Sverige och det hade ju varit JÄVLIGT konstigt om jag kunde stava perfekt på engelska också...

What?! You don't follow? But that was perfect Swedish, man. What?! Ahh.. you don't speak Swedish... I see.

Thank you for your review!

heh, heh.......heh....HEHEHEHEHEHE!!!! Bwahahaaa!!

That was cool. I liked it more than the other three. I'm looking forward to more.

McRhyme responds:

Yeah! So am I, too bad I have to do all the work! Haha!

Yay for Ytown

This is a great production. Good animation, art, produced music, and .... the voice actors are coming along:) I like the series. If you dont like it, atleast give some points for technical merit. Trust me, if you have ever tried making flash before, this guy knows his stuff! This was slick, pretty flash. Newgrounds needs more authors who put as much effort in to their work as Marcus.

McRhyme responds:

Thanks man, I really needed that. I've been working on this for a month! And then When I check the score it's at 1,9. I think I'm gonna start crying now! What am I doing wrong this time?!

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3.74 / 5.00

Jan 28, 2002
3:06 AM EST
Comedy - Original
  • Daily Feature January 29, 2002