Ytown Public 4

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I've worked on this for a month so please be platient and wait for the "large" movie to load. It's a great episode! Contains all Ytown Public elements - Crazyness, Humour, Plot and Animation!

Story: It's a bird, it's a plane... no it's a space ship with Barbara and the Bear. Shit, this story just keeps getting better.

This time I have had many NEWGROUNDS-visitors voices added. Thank you all for you help. Without you the voices would all stink!

I will respond to all cool reviews :) The reviews is the mere reason I make these series!!!



I only have one thing to say about this...
you dont have to point out EVERY joke...
i mean i know there are plenty of dumbasses out there, but even then its pretty obvious.

McRhyme responds:

Oh... I know. I'm just very concerned about those dumbasses. I'll throw in some less obvious jokes (and no one will get them).

*fASt rEVIEWz* (while being a long one)

Stop doing flash anims and I go to Sweden to kick your ass. This one was awesome. The moving view, side to side, back and forth, were pretty cool. What do you have against the story? It's all good. I'm woth the ruler though, to be continued flashes sucks! But there are some exceptions. Your flash anims are good and fully loaded and it's obvious it's to be continued since it's a serie. The boring "to be continued" flashes are the ones where someone is tired of doing a movie so he pitches it here on Ng half done. You're pretty good at flash, keep on working. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the character introdction was nice, showing everyone backing each other against the lonely evil principal. So, groovy music, good animations, cool characters and good jokes makes this one a BIG one.

McRhyme responds:

Yeah, I agree Mr Ruler is right. I hate it when movies end with "TO BE CONTINUED", it's really unsatisfying. I promised myself NEVER to make an episode with a quick stupid ending. I want every episode to have a beginning a middle and an end. It's not easy. It takes much planning and you really gotta think alot before you get a "story" that is the right size for a 5 min flash movie. This one will be continued. So don't worry. I am afraid that I'm going to the UK in about a month and I won't have a computer of my own there. So I won't be able to make any episodes for some time. I'll work at a hotel and party. If you really want to beat me, you'd better go there. I would be cool if you did come to visit. Pretty unexpected. I'll stay there 6 months. You people better be nice to me now, so I don't forget about you :)

I hear spell-checking doesn't kill anymore. . .

Why can't people who have otherwise-great entries just take a little extra time & make sure the text is alright? It was, literally, the only thing wrong with this entry! . .

McRhyme responds:

Men sen är det ju så att jag är ifrån Sverige och det hade ju varit JÄVLIGT konstigt om jag kunde stava perfekt på engelska också...

What?! You don't follow? But that was perfect Swedish, man. What?! Ahh.. you don't speak Swedish... I see.

Thank you for your review!

Great stuff

I think I'd better go watch the rest of them.

McRhyme responds:

Yes UND, I think you should.

that was pretty amazing!

those graphics were amazing! it reallty shows how much effort you actually put into it! it sort of lacked int eh plot category but the grqaphics , osund and everything else was amazing! keep em coming!

McRhyme responds:

A story. What is it really? This episode doesn't have a very cool story. I know that. Barbara and the Bear take over the ship and crash it into the school. That's all, but my hopes were that the actions and events durning the show would be enough to satisfy the hungry Newground-minds.

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3.74 / 5.00

Jan 28, 2002
3:06 AM EST
Comedy - Original
  • Daily Feature January 29, 2002