Lolcat History (Part 1/6)

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Edit: Don't know what a Lolcat is? Visit these pages:

http://en.wikipedia.org/w iki/Lolcats
http://icanhascheezburger .com

Also, yeah I know it could use more music during all the dialogue, but I was running close to my deadline of releasing it yesterday and I wasn't happy with how it sounded with various music added, so I left it without music since it was better off (also, music doesn't always have to be playing to keep you entertained, but that's just my opinion).

Again, thanks for front page and thanks to all the people who enjoyed this =)


Ok, this is the first part of a 6-part animation that I'm going to be releasing over the course of the next 3 weeks (2 parts per week). The animation is completely done at this point, but I need to buy some time (and add to the suspense) by releasing two per weekend. I'm currently working on turning it into a DVD that I will make free for download on my website.

The total animation time (when it's fully released) will run about 23 minutes. This project started as an educational experience so I could learn to animate in Flash better and as such, you'll notice that after parts 1 and 2, it gets much much better (and continues to get better till the very end).

This isn't to say that parts 1 and 2 are bad by any means, but they are heavy with plot (so it can set up the rest of the animation). I've spent 8+ months on this entire project and I sincerely hope you enjoy the life that I've breathed into the Lolcats.



i lol'd at monorail cat

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ye, its gewd

Needs faster pace, but the cat rail had me laughin my ass off.

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My favorite part...

....was the quick trip on the Cat-O-Rail. I think the pure weirdness makes up for the slow pace.

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Comedy is all about timing. And this has the timing of a grandfather clock at the bottom of a lake. Every scene needed to be tightened, A LOT.

It got very boring and hardly kept my attention, let alone make me laugh.

I like it

It was good, the animation isn't bad and just only a few parts need a little polish. The end seemed odd, but thats just because it seems incomplete. So, its not a biggy considering it the first in a part series. Umm, over all I thought it was funny. I'll watch the next parts as they come out.

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Feb 15, 2008
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