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O BigFuzzyKitten, BigFuzzyKitten, wherefore art thou BigFuzzyKitten?

This flash took a long time to make, roughly 3 months, I hope that you <3 it.



L7C gets my 10s and 5s again!

This was pretty cute and lovable. I <3 L7C. thanks for making this you guys. I don't know how much I <3 BigFuzzyKitten but it's pretty high! :D


I <3 your review.

Just wow...

Honestly, THIS was took three people to make? THIS took three months? As previously stated, this could've been done in less than an hour, probably about 15 minutes. A heart looping really quickly with words written on a pink screen. My advice, use pms to give someone this kind of flash, stop being a complete moron, and make a flash that is actually a movie/game instead of a fucking .gif quality flash.

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Make flash before you complain about them.

Very emotional

I see all the effort you put into it. I mean, movement? Real animation? LAYERS? SYMBOLS AND MOVIECLIPS? It's a breakthrough!

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Isn't it, though?

Lacks something. Maybe everything.

This kind of flash only works when it's something funny or original.

Whenever I can honestly say that "I can do better", you know there's a problem, because I suck hard at flash. But this is just a few words with what, two or three looping frames of heart-jiggling animation?

It's not graphically impressive. There is no sound. There is no interactivity. There is no plot, no violence, no humor. So what does leave us with?


I'm not going to trash you for graphical quality or anything, because I have no room to talk there. But, if you're going to make pointless flashes, at least make them creative and funny. Doesn't need a plot or beautiful graphics, just have some humor. Even the most crudely-made, low-effort flashes can be hilarious---even protect-worthy---if enough planning effort is put into them.

Whether the effort is put into the creative process or the flash itself, it doesn't matter. But creativity HAS to go somewhere. This is nothing new or innovative.

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Your review is very good. You know how to help an artist and you are someone who should be a review mod. But I am not Tom Fulp, so this won't happen.

Have a good day, sir.

not real flash

just a pink screen... with a phrase...
and some kind of crappy moving hearts

I think you can do a lot better... because... it doesn't look like you really care
but... I really want to tell this: NG deserve more than this... I really mean it


Any advice on how I can do better?

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Feb 15, 2008
7:29 PM EST
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