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READ FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well lets see, This is a game demo that i made in a few hours, This is also the Psp version (the real game will look way better i promise) you can download this for the psp if you want, i just need to upload it somewhere,

and umm... yeah the story, kind of based of animation vs animator but not exactly,

in this game you are a noobie flash character that decides he doesnt want to have to be some crappy warrior on a crappy game for the rest of his life, so being as the animator is super crappy at actionscript (flash programming language) the character (no name yet) has found flaws in the program to make his escape, and some unknown glitch program to guide him "aka the black text" to help him, but the animator "aka the red text" has found out his plan and is trying to stop him.

oh in the demo there is a secret power the character has, kudos if you find it

game concept- someguy127
game creation- Master-T and Yo mama Studios Productions
music- toxcicity by system of a down

UPDATE- I have just noticed my lack of preloaders im sorry, but from now on i will start using preloaders :)



Only reason you lost a star is because its a demo. Good idea and good physics. Cant wait for more

Hey! Dat Cool!

I like the idea that you make him noobish to make it easier to make the game. Still good though. Nice game man.

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someguy127 responds:

ha crap howd you know?? lol yeah, but no, ive already begun work on the real game and he is not just a face so don;t worry :)


for one i love system of down.2nd the game is cool you really put some thought into the text... i love the falls

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needs alot of work

well let's look at the simple fact that It's a demo. to tell you the truth I don't care that it is but a bit of advice: To me,a demo should, in a way, be trying to "sell" the game to the wonderfull people on newgrounds. However if you look at this "demo" it has good concepts and ideas but Your not exactly showing people that it's gonna be a good game. you have to show the people what the out come will be for example. your character should at least reflect what your char will be like in the finished product. because I can garentee thatif in the finished product that your character is gong to be a face then I wouldn't be suprised if you got an extremely low score. However as I have said you have good concepts however you really have to redo the entire game. and actually make it look as if your going to work hard on this game and not just cut as many corners as possible.

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someguy127 responds:

yeah your right, i shouldve put some more effort for the demo, but i was kind of just trying to put out ideas for now, i just felt like spending a few hours on it today :p lazyness ha... but also i made this version psp compatible so it couldnt be to graphic intensive :/

I think I found the "secret power"...

... But I'm not gonna ruin it for everyone else. A hint though... It's really easy to discover! Anyway, I can see where you got the inspiration for this. I must say it's pretty interesting. Good work. Also, System of a Down ROCKS!!!

someguy127 responds:

its going to be a secret power to get to hidden places ;)

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2.60 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2008
6:10 PM EST
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