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Valentine's Day 08!

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A soft and fuzzy Valentine's Day Adventure!
For Danielle, with all my love.

Music is "Oregon" by Sulek.
Now available on their new album "Songs from the Doctor's Office" at http://www.cdbaby.com/sulek

©2008 Grey Gerling. All Rights Reserved.

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I was confused by the monkey poop. I thought it was something else at first. Instead, it turned out to be monkey poop. It's just weird to have that in a Valentine's Day cartoon. Still, it was kind of heartwarming. I love your style.

I think this was an earlier cartoon from you. I'm glad Valentine's Day is so popular. It actually generates more revenue than Halloween! Yeah, look that up! The music is nice too.

Awesome, adorable and really inspirig Valentines Day clip. Short and sweet! Keep up the great work!


This is...

ADORABLE Did You Draw This Because If You Did Your Great!!!


Go To unialy s page!!


Good Animation


love is stronger than the mind :)