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After days of working on our new project, we decided to take a break and make a trailer for it. The character who wakes up in the room is really a character from another cartoon we have in production. Keep an eye out for both cartoons on our websites when they are finished!

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i dont know where u guys get this stuff....

but it's great!!!! beyond great actually.... i'm still laughing....awesome stuff guyz, keep it up

GuyzwithBongz responds:

Thanks, we love doing this. Hope you look for our new projects.

it was a good concept...

but dude, I hate these kind of poeple who over react over nothing. it's s show, calm down (well, I actually hate star trek myself, but I don't go on for 5 - 10 mins on how bad it is). Anyway, I guess it was a good concept and OK animation, but calm down ok? good

GuyzwithBongz responds:

The parts of him going off about star trek is just giving you a sense of character. Some people do go off about many things, and the Puzzler ... its one of his traits... Sometimes we have to hide all the coffee.

one of the better....

......Saw parodies iv'e seen here.

GuyzwithBongz responds:



WTF he says!

GuyzwithBongz responds:

Indeed. He does.


lolz! His nose looks like a dick!!!!

GuyzwithBongz responds:

Yea, we thought that was funny too.