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All came to an end_fixed

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Apparently, Itachi doesn't die that way. It was fun to imagine how the plot would unfold though.
For those who watch this, if any, note that it was drawn at early 2008.
Enjoy the movie with the thought that it was one of the possibilities at the time.


Sasuke finally avenged himself on Itachi and Madara Uchiha.
What happens now?

This is just a short tribute to Naruto manga. I hope you enjoy it. :)

(Set volume to 50% enjoy this fully)


Special thanks to BMack24 and phrozenrose without whom this flash wouldn't be in sync with the music. :))

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itachis dead

that was real cool man!

poor madara

itachi is dead yay but poor poor madara

was like..cool

itwas not so great but you have a very good drawing, oh yeah cna you tell me a page on the internet to read a naruto manga? in my countray doesn't sell that

hey !

Itachi dies by an heart desease and sealed amaterasu on sasuke's mangekyou and it appeared when sasuke killed him, well almost killed him :P.
I only like'd ''what now'' xD


itachi dosen't die that way

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Feb 14, 2008
8:22 PM EST