SonicBlobs: Close to Love

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Hello People!
I'm Cold Dog, and I have a new flash that I've been making now for about a month.

'Sonic Blobs' is a new series of sorts that I'll be making for The Sonic Show (#1 Sonic Vidcast, http://ss.sonicstadium.or g). This flash is really just a warm up, the actual series will kick off eventually.

'Close to Love' is a music video to the song of the same title by...Girls Aloud. It was Jay (Discoponies) choice, and I like the way the flash turned out, just still can't stand the song! XD

Oh, and before you judge graphics too harshly, here's a little info to fill you. Basically, this series is like a moving pop-up book. The characters are made of cardboard cut-outs and stuck into these almost child-like 'scenarios'. I was given the body bases for each characters, but emotions are the like I had to add myself, which is a bit obvious if you look at them. Still, like a child's pop-up, so you can question the style if you wish but don't judge too harsly on it ^^

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy and remember to check out the Sonic Show! The new series is starting in a few days featuring an exclusive video from 'Evil Doc' named 'The Red Hedgehog Project' so make sure to tune in at some point! ^^


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That was pretty funny! The song was ok although the animation could be a bit better. It looked like Amy's hands were flying everywhere. Did you do that on purpose to make it look funny?

You did...

Fat people uuuhhhhhh dum.

nomoreblue responds:

Err... there's a difference between fat people and blobs. There's also a difference between fat peoples, blobs and Sonic the hedgehog character blobs. But that's not the point. You have just made the dumbest review to anything I've ever seen.
So bravo for you. Big you.


use the sprites i thoght it stunk

nomoreblue responds:

XD Wow. You know, if you're gonna give criticism to a movie, at least either have any idea what you're talking about, give a reason why or use proper English. With you're almighty 'spriting' ability, which I'm sure you have, why don't you prove me wrong and show me that YOU can make something better with sprites? OMGLOL!!1!
By the way, I don't actually count your review as a 'canon' review because you're an idiot.

Lol, It's very good

Nice job CD. Only Knucles can rap!

( I have been bribed)


Very funny, with time the potential with these character designs will be awesome

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Feb 14, 2008
7:33 PM EST
Comedy - Parody