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Rockin To Fame

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"ROCKIN 2 FAME" much better! check it out and please submit it to adventure collection!!

Thanks for frontpage.

Mouse/Arrow Keys

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Your a wannabe rock star living on the streets, you get a lucky break and begin your mission of making it to the top!

Have Fun.

Extra information:
The slot machine is to try and earn money to buy items in the catalogue(cash icon) and also to increase your score.

The house is for fun and to play the tape in your bedroom if you purchase it in the catalogue

The game arcade is for fun. Includes pool table and an animation as well as a aniamtion which can be purchased and a dress up game.

The concert is the main part of the game. (arrow keys)

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nice game, bad gameplay

where's the story?, it's about a rocker for crying out loud. fix this problem

This game isn't ready

Got lazy and wanted to publish it quick..... that's my guess of what you done.... there is actually no game, this is a collection of sketches inside an idea of a story, perhaps once ready it'll be very good.... like those career games like stick rpg only with music (oh, that reminds me..... the notes, the lil arrows, come nonsensically and with no ritm, they have no relation with the song, work on that). What I reccomend the author is get the project, get rid of many things, selecting only a few of the game's options to do, settle for one stile of music playing, and start working until it gets some consistency, work on a story and mactually make characters, don't get lazy, and if you do, don't publish it unready.
I'm giving no stars now, for it's not a fulfilled game yet.

Cartoon-Electra responds:

i completly agree


This really makes poop look good!!!
the arrows doesn't match the notes and there's only one song!


i give you one for trying. the music was ok but i have to agree the arrows are too small and u cant get perfect on everything. but im sure your next try will be more thought out.

It was OKAY

I suggest that you have different music for each gig. make it easier to see the arrows and Generally make it more fun.