Snow (Hey Oh)

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A music video for the Red Hot Chili Peppers song, Snow.

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I found this to be pretty enjoyable. It wasn't one of my favorite music videos, but it was good. The best parts were the bits with the stick figures. I thought that was someone else doing that. That really doesn't seem like your animation style. Whatever, it was nice.

I guess I'm not that familiar with Red Hot Chili Peppers. This seems like a song I've never heard of before. I've never heard of a song titled "Snow" before. I suppose it was unique in that sense. You have experimented.

it was ok

this vid was ok. but im going to have to agree with fatbirdey on this one. the video didnt really fit the song. the animation was ok. the music was clear and not static. so ill give you a 5


its not as good as your jimmi hendrix, little wing, but its still good. the only problem i had is that this song is about being a coke dealer. XD


Well first of I should say that your style is nothing of... AMAZING! It isn't horrible though... but then again it's not good either. Nothing in your animation seemed to flow... things need to flow or else it looks like the animation is a little stiff.

Now onto the actual music video. The story was horrible and unorigional... I mean, I have seen tons of videos to beautiful songs like these, but they don't match the style of the song, and there was absolutely no story, I've seen tons of music videos that contain exactly the same material you have put into your video, and I've given them all the same rating.


Now before you start commenting "so yeah, stop reviewing things cuz it seems like your writing for the sake of writing... you dont know shit..." I've got some constructive criticism.

Your animations are too stiff. It's quite simple too fix with your style of animating. Just add some blurred shots of the charecters when they move. It would smooth out the animation.

As for the story, you have a very... "creative" mind. And with your "creative" mind I would suggest songs more goofy like. Try a Weird Al song and if you don't like any weird and cooky songs... I suggest a new style.

Now please do not try to make me look like an idiot by writing what you did on all the reviewers who tried to help you. I would suggest you should take our reviews as consrtuctive criticism, not as your average school bully who will make fun of you for everything.

Accepting constructive criticism is the first step... trust me. Unless you accept the criticism, you will never do better.

That's about it. You have plenty of potential and could definittly do well.

Nice one snubby.

I wouldnt listen to all those saying that it didnt match the lyrics as it showed you have a good imagination. I made an animation called bezerk void and it totaly sucked even though I slaved away on it fo 2 months, dont suppose you could go see it. I also liked the dudes head turning 360.

Snubby responds:

Thanks, and I already saw bezerk void a while ago.

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3.65 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2008
3:38 AM EST
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