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Glenn gives Annie a drawing she likes, winning over her heart. Annie spends the rest of the day trying to coax Glenn into romancing her. Unfortunately for her, all Glenn wants to do is draw.

While it's loading, you can read character bios and look at a drawing I did of them. Once loaded, you can either watch the entire animation (5 minutes long) or select a scene to start from, as usual. This is a LOT more light hearted and cutesy than most of the stuff I've done in the past. It's also very music-driven. Keep these things in mind when watching. I also hid a scrapbook in there, SEE IF YOU CAN FIND IT. Well, it isn't THAT hard to find, but it isn't in an obvious place.

EDIT: I said the second part would be done soon, but as anyone can see, it isn't done yet. Hang tight, it's coming.

Everything in this animation, including writing, directing, animation, music, and all the male voices are done by me. Annie's voice is supplied by Rina-Chan.

Hope you enjoy, and feel free to leave a review! I read them all.



5/5 10/10
even though the only words in there was "keep it" and "yay" it was still amazing
kana sad that id problaby have to wait like 4 or more weeks till part 2 comes out.
oh and i only have to questions to ask...

1. how old are they? they kina look like there in there 12s or 16s but they'are using crayons.

2. Can i have a pie?

yours truly
~Arath Hunter

Bobert-Rob responds:

It'll be longer than a few weeks, I'm afraid... yeah, I'm over-exerting myself in the world of animation, so I need to take it slower... it'll be done soon, though, hopefully. Their age is undetermined, but they're in their late teens to early 20's. They're in an art class, which is why they're using crayons. Art classes are weird about utensils to use sometimes. Thanks for watching and for the comment!

O___O niceee

And whoever drawing this boyzz or glenn?
Or is it something that you just created by imagining something about love
I liked this animation features the same characters delos nice ....

Bobert-Rob responds:

...what? I did this flash, yeah, story and all. Not sure what... 'boyzz' is refering to, if it refers to something. If this shares similarities to something else, I'm unaware of it. A little more info on that would be good. Glad you liked it!

100th review

This was amazing! I loved every minute of it!

Best feature: The art and story!

Worst feature: Now I have to wait for part 2!

Keep up the good work.

Bobert-Rob responds:

Yeah, the wait is by far the worst feature, heh. Sorry about that. I hope to finish it soon, though! Keep your eyes peeled! Thanks for watching and commenting.

i think u switched the characters names.

still awesome tho

Bobert-Rob responds:

...when? Annie's the girl and Glenn's the guy. Glad you liked it!
Oh wait, you mean on the flowers I bet. Yeah, Annie wrote it like that on there to try to trick Glenn into giving them to her, but it didn't quite work. So that was intentional.


I remember this video
I couldn't find it after it passed judgement
I await part 2 of this!
the best thing about this video: not a single character spoke and yet it was able to catch my attention, just like any random stick fight animation.
great job

Bobert-Rob responds:

lol, except this isn't a bunch of DBZ-inspired violence, it's artistic child-friendly comedy. Still, though, no words equals more of a challenge, which I believe I met and beat. Good times. Part 2 will be done soon, I hope! Give it another month or two... thanks for watching!

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4.30 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2008
8:16 PM EST
Comedy - Original
  • Daily 2nd Place February 14, 2008