Dress-up Jennifer Lopez_

January 26, 2002 –
June 8, 2011
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and then she full nude,i love dat.

3----------- wuz te size of m dick when i striped her

yust get her suit off


u play one dressup u play'em all www.pinkgames has a virus and the vid at the bottom right link does now

awesome game

Fun shit.

this game is very sexy

that red outfit where it shows her boobs is fuckin hot i jacked off.

You know them keep covering the VIGINA with hair which makes it wierd.It would be better if they did not cover the VIGINA.

J-lo isnt that big and that makes it seem as fake as it is...not to mention the vid in lower left is annoying

good game but like wut everyone else said dont go to pinkgames.com its got a virus.


i found this game very sexy and nice
but man, i went to your website and seems you have a problem with a MALWARE.

when i see her nude on that game. :D

game is okay but DO NOT go to pinkgames.com . There IS MALWARE(virus).

she's looks hot when you take of all the clothes.

When I meet J-Lo in person (if it ever happens).

I am going to make out with her and play tongue games for 69 minutes!!!!!!!

I mean, is there really anything better to do than kissing with your tongue (or french kissing)???

As far as it goes, this flash game was tailored for those ppl who are full of uncertainties about making out all because nobody confesses their will to do so!

talk about a sore right hand lol


I've never been a fan of most Dress Up games, they are just boring and some cases like this one, mild titilation for people to seee fake pictures of naked celebrities. It can't really even be called much of a game since all you can do is drag/drop clothes on or off the fake Jlo. Not that great at all.

its pretty good. same pic as the other one just bigger... you gotta get a pic of the best ass in the world

this is the same picture that is in the other one

oops i creamed my pants ... with no action into my favorites it goes!!! dam were is my change of undies?


it is cool

there is only one word "awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i dont wat u say im a girl n i think dis is hot shit man i would pay 2 fukk dis chick

YES WE ARE...minus the ugly and nasty...and pervs

One of the best dress up games ever.

very awesome cheers on that 1 man.

i like her best with no clothes on :P

Good graphics along with superb imagination grerat!

I *adore* J-lo [I guess kuz she's so HOT], and I really enjoyed the game - you have excellent taste and design for the clothes, that was really creative. Overall, I loved it :]

Yes, yes! This is good.

Like the picture, nice job

Judging by the clothes in this, you do have art talent... If you make another Dress-up game, draw a toon one, they take more thought and effort and I personaly like them better...

Just an Idea

I usually dont like dress up games. I find the on the larger scale pointless and redundant. But I liked this one.

Well, it wasn't all too good. The Clothes were sweetly drawn. The pic was kinda old. I've seen it time and time again before. But, overall, good work.

I think you should have put more pictures of her like the Christina Aguilera one where there were amny photo's. Good job anyway.


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