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Space Courier

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EDIT: OK the window size was too small (as it was originally intended to run in a sidebar), so I've blown up the viewport just for you guys! :) It might run a little slower due to the increase in view size given the amount of particles and glow fx in the game, but at least you can see it better.

EDIT: Just noticed a bug with the fuel warning light and sound! Its fixed now! :)

NOTE: This game is written in Actionscript 3 so you'll need Flash Player 9 or above to play it.

I wanted to create a small, quick, optimized, simple game with physics and particle FX which could be played in either a main window or even in the sidemenu of most websites (which is why the original development dimensions are 336x280). This game was originally packed into a 20k swf file, but the sound fx (despite optimization) still managed to bloat the filesize to 55k which I'm not happy about, but hey ho thats life I guess. :(

Constructive feedback is more than welcome. I hope you guys enjoy the game! :)

Instructions: Collect the crates and deliver them to their destinations (indicated by the colour of the ship's flashing tail-light and the coloured square in the bottom left corner)
Cursor keys move the craft the the respective direction. Keep an eye on your fuel and land SLOWLY! Thats all you need to know.

1) Go easy on the thrusters as this will save on fuel!
2) Try and wait for the gold and silver containers to appear as they are worth more.
3) Sometimes its smarter to let a crate go and refuel your ship, rather than chasing after a crate when your fuel is low.

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Excellent game.

Game has given me an hour of fun. I like the sensitivity, makes you be ridiculously careful. Creates could stay longer, but are fine the way they are, very cool and stylistic game you have here, it is an achievement. Well done.

The only bad thing i would say is there is no scoring system, also Only four up grades? Well I guess you couldn't really have any more than that actually.


good start

Landing needs to be a little less sensitive and crates needs to stay much longer.


First of all, you made the landing for this ship a little too fragile, I barely hit the platform and the damned thing would explode. Plus the crates disappear way too quickly. I had to reset the game several times because the refuel station did not work. And I did randomly explode in the air once.

Pretty Fun

The game was pretty fun but also fairly hard. The game size should be a bit bigger, but it was nice and colorful so that was good.

Overall, the game was pretty fun and worth a few tries.

A little too unforgiving.

I'm dumb but it took me a while to figure out where to deliver the package.
Perhaps some indication of where to go that flashes close to where you pick up the package would help.
It would be nice if there was some kind of indicator if you were going to fast.
It also is very unforgiving. Just a touch on the bottom of a platform kills you .
You might consider adding dammage and a repair platform to make it a little more interesting.

Credits & Info

2.68 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2008
7:53 AM EST