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Drone Wars

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05.24.08 (v1.31) - More minor fixes, gray icon bug, eased up Survival.

03.02.08 (v1.27) - Added skirmish mode, fixed survival game crash bug.

02.19.08 (v1.24) - Exploded mine drones now return control.

02.17.08 - Fixed queue problems, switched keys (CTRL selects same type), units in group window now individually selectable (can use CTRL too).

02.16.08 - Added a few most requested features: Mothership can queue, relaxed mouse detection, survival awards 5 more ore every wave, removed timer from mission 3 only.

My 4th Flash game. Drone Wars is a small game idea I had 5 years ago, but never finished. I originally drew the ships as pixel sprites. But with Flash I vectorized everything and it all took about 3 months part-time, which is the longest and most complicated Flash game I've made so far.


Wow, awesome

Excellent work, very smooth, great graphics. To expand on the idea you might want to have different types of resources, but I'm sure you thought of this already.

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nicely balanced attributes for RTS

nice balanced units and costs for those units.
Game worked out nicely, but too bad the compute(s)r was was too easy.
I liked arcade mode a lot =)

Keep up the good work with an expansion or more units or tech buildings

Screen should be zoomed out a bit.
target control should be better if possible.

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The animation really is impressing, it's working very smooth.
Please do us all a favor and make more games like this!
Ofcause I'wouldnt dislike it if you make a movie. ^^
Just go on!


really fun! i love a good rts and this is one of them. definatly worth a try.


Reminds me of the PC game Homeworld and Homeworld 2, don't know if you got any inspiration from there, and im also a big starcraft fan. Really enjoyed the game as its rare for a Flash game to have any real strategic depth to it and it kept me playing like no Flash game has done before

5/5 and 10/10

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4.11 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2008
2:33 AM EST
Action - Other