Drone Wars

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05.24.08 (v1.31) - More minor fixes, gray icon bug, eased up Survival.

03.02.08 (v1.27) - Added skirmish mode, fixed survival game crash bug.

02.19.08 (v1.24) - Exploded mine drones now return control.

02.17.08 - Fixed queue problems, switched keys (CTRL selects same type), units in group window now individually selectable (can use CTRL too).

02.16.08 - Added a few most requested features: Mothership can queue, relaxed mouse detection, survival awards 5 more ore every wave, removed timer from mission 3 only.

My 4th Flash game. Drone Wars is a small game idea I had 5 years ago, but never finished. I originally drew the ships as pixel sprites. But with Flash I vectorized everything and it all took about 3 months part-time, which is the longest and most complicated Flash game I've made so far.


dude good game but can improve.

you need to make a scenario mode where you do more complex missions. you need to make a HUGE world map. and be able to construct space buildings/stations. also in the endless mode thing you need to allow the person to mine ore anyways because 100 a trun aint enough. this game has the potential to become a real buyable game that people will pay to get. also it can just be great without sellin it. my advice: work on it more and dont stop untill its the best it can be!

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nice one

that was a pretty sweet game. it was a lot of fun, though got a touch repetitive after a while, but still i had a blast playing this one. pretty nice graphics in it, cool audio, nice controls and gameplay and it did serve as a nice time waster.

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i made high score

good game. i liked it a lot. reminded me of empire earth or warcraft2.

Great Game!

The only problem is the AI could be a little better, and survival mode could use more credits per wave.

really good

awsome, make a sequel, NOW!!!!!! plz!!!!

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4.11 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2008
2:33 AM EST
Action - Other