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Drone Wars

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Author Comments

05.24.08 (v1.31) - More minor fixes, gray icon bug, eased up Survival.

03.02.08 (v1.27) - Added skirmish mode, fixed survival game crash bug.

02.19.08 (v1.24) - Exploded mine drones now return control.

02.17.08 - Fixed queue problems, switched keys (CTRL selects same type), units in group window now individually selectable (can use CTRL too).

02.16.08 - Added a few most requested features: Mothership can queue, relaxed mouse detection, survival awards 5 more ore every wave, removed timer from mission 3 only.

My 4th Flash game. Drone Wars is a small game idea I had 5 years ago, but never finished. I originally drew the ships as pixel sprites. But with Flash I vectorized everything and it all took about 3 months part-time, which is the longest and most complicated Flash game I've made so far.


Was ok, too short

I did enjoy the game although it was too short, often you were attacked because you were waiting forever for an attack ship to be built, and if this happened to anyone else, when you run out of moon fuel or what ever, and you try moving to another moon, such as a previously used by the enemy moon. It takes like an hour for your ship to get there!

The survival mode was also far from flawless, you receive far to little to keep up with the attacks, the repairs cost money and ships cost alot of money. So heres an example: You have 100 $, cash 60 on a simple attack ship, but your mother ship was damaged in the first wave, spend 20 on a repair bot, then the 20 dollars you have left isnt even enough to fully repair the ship!

Overall it was fun even through the flaws, a little too short and redundant. Try adding more ships, a better way of money use and retrieval, more use of the upgrades (i only used one for the whole game) and make the building time less.

4-10 for a good try

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there are a few things i have to complain about.

first off im going to say that the game was very nicely put together. how ever there are a few things i cannot forgive that really tended to get on my nerves. first off, when ever my units were destroyed, the control points i needed were not replaced, so i eventualy found my self needing twice the control points because of the ones i lost on destroyed units. second, the map panning controls were a little annoying, because i couldnt continue moving and panning my map vewiwe at the same time. and the one thing i could not stand, is that there is no way to escape a fight, every time my units were shot at, the imediatly stoped fleeing and returned to battle, i thought this was STUPID! maybe its just me because of my preferred play style, but hey, its my reveiw. other then that i think that the skill and style are great, but it just dosent jive well as an RTS for me. a few other things you might consider revising are maybe a few more different kinds of resources, like planets and stuff. also, consider some hot keys, and adding that map thing, i (think its called the fog of war effect??) were once you enter an area its uncovered, but you cant see what exactly is going on, just what it looked like when you were last there. that is all, i feel this game has alot of potential, consider mixing in some story line and you got a series!

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I love these kind of games. Most ppl complain about the small things, but i really think that this is one of the best games on newgrounds. It must have been hell to program the AI

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i like it, but i have to agree with eldraco, it could use a more modes of gameplay, and dave was right about needing more structures. aside from that though, its a great game

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its good but you need to add a free play mode where you jusp play and fight with no specific missions

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Credits & Info

4.11 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2008
2:33 AM EST
Action - Other