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Restaurant Of Alice

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Well, This is completely different then anything I have ever submitted before and by FAR the most time consuming thing I have ever produced... Its only PART DONE but I was hoping that I could get some sort of feed back before I spent any more time on it... Its a whole story using ONLY TEXT... But it is by far the most difficult thing I have done... Just because I only used text doesn't mean I don't know how to draw... If you have seen my other more recent flashes... I do know how to somewhat draw... (or at least I get by) lol anyways... Should I continue this? Or just leave throw it back into the pile of unfinished flashes I have? Thanks Aways!!!

P.s. The song is 18min long... so Looks like I have allot more to do if I'm to finish it..

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i love that song!

its my favorite thanksgiving song. i love it - its funny. i wish u would of finished it though. other than that, great job!


thats awsome i love that song, its been a long long long time since i heard that...thank you.

looking forward to the finished one.

cheshirecat1582 responds:

Working On It... Lol Thanks for the 10!!

I never thought I`d play A game like that...

...But I did!
Oh and the song get`s kinda annoying when U know how long it iz!

cheshirecat1582 responds:

Its not a game, Its a movie... And I only animated about 3 min of the 18 min... lol i dont think i could animate that much of the song!!!


I've always liked this song, and this was the most interesting animated text flash I've seen here on newgrounds. The timing was perfect. How many layers did you end up having to use for the single letter dropdowns and such?

cheshirecat1582 responds:

Oh god.... Ummm Like maybe 7 layers... But allot of the text is its own graphic so It would keep it nice and neat... Im pretty annal about layers... A single movie wont have more then 5-7 layers or else I get too confused... Thanks for your review!!! Lol I love the song also... Im thinking about finishing it... well at least adding on to it... dont know if i can keep my attention span for the full 18 min... Lol Thanks again for the review!!!


lol i heard this song on the radio last thanksgiving.. wish you had finished though :D

cheshirecat1582 responds:

I plan on finishing it... Lol as soon as I find the time!!! Lol I dont think I had ever heard it on the radio! on account of it being so long... thats awesome...