Cloverfield : The Game

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========== ATTENTION! THIS FILE HAS BEEN UPDATED! ==============

* Score problem has been fixed

* Air Strike, Army Men and Tanks have been included for fun.

* Notice the statue of liberty head flys back down, unlike before.

Hello, most of you might not remember me, then again you might. My online name is Virusalert. I created a couple of games back then that were alright but, not good enough. But, NG is known to call other peoples submissions crap and yet I see it on here everyday. Ignore the profile because I am not 80 years old. (if your stupid enough to believe that I am 80 years old then by all means please do so.)

Anyway, after seeing the movie Cloverfield I got the urge to create a game off of it. Looked pretty good to me. Nothing special though. Sound is there but, there's no music because for one the movie didn't have any music in it during the time running from the monster. Therefore, I didn't need any music because that would make it stupid.

The game doesn't have a special ending and it doesn't have unlockables and such. It ends, upexplained and unknown just like the movie did. However, you can destroy the city buildings and shoot at the monster to get a score.

Last but not least, the game is timed meaning that you have to get a score before the army performs, " Hammer Down! " In the movie this means that they level the entire city in other words, they destroy it. Enjoy!

The link might not work but, the site does exist!

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a tad bit slow, but fun

Fun, could be better

Definetely a good timewaster.

Oh BTW, 1196 bitches.

sweet game

oohoho man 998 babay yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahooo


- The tanks should be M1 Abrams instead of M4 Sherman and Panzer VI Tiger.
The tanks aren't accurate, just that. this game was still good to play. So... how old are you, actually? I WILL not believe if you're 80 years old, that sounded stupid.

Cool game

Short but awesome

Credits & Info

2.98 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2008
3:25 PM EST
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