The Sniper's Contracts

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Author Comments

My first real game to NG.

UPDATE: Mission 3 walthrough released! For the people which can't figure it out.
UPDATE 2: I changed the crappy icon. It's still crappy because of that damn color loss, but it's better i think.

1- First wait for Anthony to start skateboarding.
2- Shoot Russell.
3- If you time right, Russell will fall down and crush Anthony.

In this way you will be able to kill the targets with one bullet.

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A good enough game, quite fun, the only weird (and stupid) thing about the game is, why do you have to kill a priest? I also didn't like the ending. Other than that, quite a good game in other ways.


fully love this game. 10/10
New game. Better graphics and dude you will make the front page


Wow this game is awesome!! The story is perfect and the gameplay is really smooth!!!! Please, do a version 2 from this one!! I'll be looking forward!!

mrty responds:

Wow, I just stopped by to take a look at the reviews for nostalgia reasons, and I'm surprised to find a new review.

I WILL be making a sequel, perhaps a remake of this one, but not just yet. I have so much to do. I don't even have that much time because of school. Two years later though, I should be free as a bird. I'll look into it then.

Thanks for the review!


Great story...just the end :(
But its an awesome game, very entertaining.
And also now one of my favorites (yes is true)
Just for....everything
If you remake it, whit better graphics IM SURE IT WILL BE ON THE FRONT PAGE

mrty responds:

There will be a sequel coming up. Not anytime soon, though.


It had a nice plot, and the gameplay was fun. My favorite level was "Black Christmas" but I love the entire game. Really well done. If this had some better graphics and animation, this could even get front page!

10/10, 5/5

mrty responds:

I'm surprised to see that I didn't respond to this review before.

I'm really glad you liked a game with NES-like graphics and animations. :) I'm sure you will like the sequel.

Hey, how come you wrote 10/10 and gave this a 9?

Credits & Info

3.06 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2008
6:26 AM EST
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